Suggestions for learning how to speak in korean

Hi :slight_smile: ive already finished studying hangul and i was wondering if there are people out there who can give suggestions regarding learning how to speak in korean.
i really want to start subbing soon. thank you :smiley:


I practice speaking in various ways:

  • Singing along with Kpop even though it’s not always correct.
  • Repeating sentences in Kdrama
  • Repeat after Korean teachers like teachers of TTMIK, Pit-a-pat Korean of KBS World, and sometimes Lee Jun Ki for hello Korean.

You can also use Hello Talk on your phone or look for a Korean native who wants to do a language exchange with you. There are various sites for that.


here are my tips ( which work for any language, really)

  • watch your favourite movies ( the ones You know by heart) in Korean language - You do not have to follow the plot ( as You know it) and can concentrate on speech patterns.
  • watch korean cartoons - they are using basic expressions just for kids and will not shove all those sophisticated 'woudla" “shouda” “hatta” on You,
  • sub a lot - the drama scripts are repetetive so amost the same sentences are used over and over again, especially in weekendish dramas.
  • watch longer dramas where plot starts slowly and where problems are solved in a longer time than one episode; during weekend or special dramas ( the normal ones, not the ones with dialect or set far away in the history) they are using day- to- day phrases which everyone normally uses ( just pay attention to honorifics!)
  • use Memrise app on Your phone - it helps memorising the words, basic sentences and their pronounciation in a very interesting way that “sticks” to Your brain somehow.

For subbing, I would suggest starting with the languages You know - English to our native language or so. the Korean will flow into Your brain regardless of what You are subbing :wink:


I like this thread! But how many years or months you are learning Korean? i’m interested in it too…

i just started last week. if you put your mind to it, it can be done in a day or two (learning hangul) :smile:

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My advice… is to speak the language. Find a language partner in real life or online and practice speaking. The more you use the language the more you acquire it.

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I’m Korean and have made some videos with Kdrama for helping Korean learners.
I’m searching what kind of videos youguys need to study Korean now.
Please. Let me know them to plan new series.