Suicide among young people


Its really heartbreaking to hear of a young person committing suicide, be it actor,actress, or just a person we may know.
this young lady starting her career and takes her life. what can we do to help them, I am sure we see the symptoms. clinical or the other. whats the answer? meds, prayer, people caring, paying attention to them. this youngster, to be sure she had a following. so whats the answer?


Can someone explain to me what this means? # irmar

The pressure in this field ist very high. But what’s worse are all those haters, netizens, who spill all their hate out and don’t fear for any consequences. Laws should be stricter and the punishment for those haters more severe. They should know, that the victims could report them anytime and the police will backtrace them. Maybe this would prevent such persons to spit out their venomously poison.


laws being stricter may be a good one, but I really think this will start with the family, getting them to know & realize theres a problem before this happens, and yes that bullying has to top too. thanks for the response


I don’t think people really understand or realize that a harsh malicious post can really hurt the person receiving it. While they just post it because they just are jealous, have a bad day or are insecure about themselves. If it’s one person of course you can just shake it off but if there are many of those the person who’s bullied might actually start believing them. And by that one comment you might also hurt others. Like when you say someone is fat and ugly. Others might think “If she’s ugly and fat then what am I?” and are hurt by it too. Bullying like this happens everywhere around the world and it’s getting worse in my opinion as it’s so accepted you are free to say whatever you want and freedom of speech, they are anonymous so who will get to them etc…

And then on top of that there is the Korean society and law. You fail if you admit you have a depression or other mental issues and when you seek help your doctor might say you are crazy (which happened to Jonghyun). And when you fight back and take action the law fails and they let the perpetrator go because they are minors, they did it because they where depressed themselves and needed to vent. So they just go like “sorry I bullied you but I was depressed so… but I’m really sorry”. So it’s okay to bully someone online just because you are depressed? It seems so in Korea.

And even on Viki I see it happen quite a lot the people are like “she’s fat”, “he’s ugly”, “his nose looks so ugly”, “I don’t watch this drama because I don’t like it he’s crossdressing and he’s not manly anymore”. Now most actors most likely won’t read the comment sections but it may effect others who do.


@dudie can’t agree more.


I remember this comment, too! So stupid and from someone, who’s dissing constantly dramas and spills his/her opinion in the time comments, sometimes tenfold in just one episode.


Wish there was an easy answer. But like @dudie said, in Korea there is this pressure of fitting in and if you admit you aren’t mentally healthy, you get looked down upon or treated as if you failed in life. I’ve met exchange students from Korea, who kept their mental health a secret from everyone they knew at home, because they felt like if they would say something, their social reputation would be over (and that it would be better to die), which is extremely troubling.

The way psychiatrists and psychologists treat people is also problematic, but recently it is getting better. Problematic in the sense that they made patients feel like they were a burden for their family / society or weren’t taken seriously.

My advice would be to talk to someone. If you aren’t being heard at home, find someone (a professional maybe) who can hear you out. Sometimes people even talk to a stranger and tell them everything that was on their mind, and that makes them feel better and/or gives them the courage to talk about it at home or with a professional, friends or other family members.

If you aren’t the one with the problem, but see someone that is having a hard time, try to talk to them and make them feel that it’s safe for them to talk to you. If they trust you and feel like they won’t get judged or chewed out, they might open up.


We are talking about “Tale of Nok Du” and the main topic is the crossdressing romance, so why would someone even watch this, if he/she dislikes this so much? That’s hilarious :slight_smile:


~Remembering Daul Kim~

This year marks ten years since the heartbreaking death of the South Korean fashion model, Daul Kim. Back then I followed her brief but brilliant career and life experiences in magazines and online, especially keen to read/view her personal blog. Daul was a truly magnificent being, so interesting, talented, intelligent and unique - her inside beauty even more stunning than her form.

Daul was a victim of online/print media and netizen bullying in SK, which became ruthless after a fashion shoot for the magazine i-D, and she ultimately ended up taking her own life, being pushed to the edge. Daul’s death ten years ago was the first time I’d heard of this kind of high-level mass societal bullying that leads one to suicide — which nowadays seems to be horrifyingly common, as with Sulli and countless others in South Korea. How on earth did it come to this?

Here are two excerpts from Daul Kim’s blog after she was verbally attacked and bullied the summer of 2009:


“say hi to korean bullies read this

seriously korean ppl

stop bullying me


u know what

i have a life

i dont owe you anything

and you dont own me

i dont mean harm, and im just happy to share

my point of views or what i like, its not to offend or to be punk

i respect korean culture as much as possible

im proud to be korean

Korea is Korea. its not the world…

and before im korean,


dont be sad or mad because i change

people change! and move on! i grew. and i wont ask you to change

but i AM going to ask for your understandings.

im not gonna say sorry for living my life…”

[note: 81 days later Daul Kim wrote her last blog entry and the next day she took her own life.]


“say hi to forever”

:broken_heart: :broken_heart: :broken_heart:

Thank You for Honoring the Memory of Daul Kim.

Kim Da-ul (김다울)

Born: 31 May 1989 Seoul, South Korea

Died: 19 November 2009 (aged 20) Paris, France

Cause of death: Suicide by hanging

Actual cause of death: Societal Bullying


How terrible :sob: I will never understand how people can stand to use social media or any other medium for viciously attacking others. The world is already full of hate and anger, why should they perpetuate that even more?
I also think that consumers and users of social media should be aware that those people who are attacking them and trolling them don’t represent the world, that their evil words have no weight. We shouldn’t let harsh and mean and angry and ugly words near our heart and minds because they will destroy goodness if allowed.

If needed, disappearance from social media to get a break and recharge is the action that should be taken to protect oneself. And, to find good friends and get therapy which I understand is difficult in SK and Asian countries.

Gorgeous souls have passed away because they are too good for this world.

I know I have posted about Park Yong Ha, but I also want to bring him to attention too. He was the manager of a company and he was taking care of his father who had cancer. The pressure was too much, and he took his own life.

“I must be sick instead of you, father. I’m sorry, I’m sorry,” a police statement quoted Mr Park as saying before his death.

Mr Park also told acquaintances earlier in the week that his work was “difficult and this kind of life is so hard”, the report said.


Park Yong Ha was friends with Kim Jaejoong. Yong Ha even called him a day before he committed suicide, to hang out together and have a drink but Jaejoong couldn’t because he was in the US for work. When his friend died he even couldn’t fly back to Korea to pay his last respects or how to say that. Jaejoong wrote JYJ’s In Heaven in memory of his dear friend Park Yong Ha.

And SG Wannabe’s Chae Dong Ha died way too soon too, I only discovered his beautiful songs after he passed away. He fell into a more severe depression after his favorite manager committed suicide and couldn’t handle it so he did commit suicide as well.

Let’s share a beautiful song by Chae Dong Ha:



I really blame the government in that country bc they can control that evil act by making stricter laws against bullying/any kind: school, internet etc…

Here in USA anyone that bullies a person/child can be prosecuted and receive jail time, and most get sued and need to compensate the family of the victim. In Mexico, they are making a law that bullying is considered a crime, and several parents are already in jail (child were underage), for allowing their child to bully another child(ren), resulting in their death.

I have no idea if other countries have a law against bullying. I feel that the #1 cause of suicide in Asian countries is bc of bullying at home, job, through internet.

I always felt kind of bullied here too and I asked myself can you see this link? What you think of this action?


En mi punto de vista esto es algo muy serio ya que ahora es muy frecuente en nuestra sociedad,se podría resolver con mas respeto en cuanto a los internautas ya que se suelen hacer criticas que afectan a los diferentes actores u personas fuera de este ámbito.
Yo creo en que se resolvería por medio del dialogo y la comprensión mutua,lo que podemos hacer nosotros es apoyarlos para superar el problema