Suicide in BL and gay dramas in East Asia

Vita Russo, the author of the book, “Celluoid Closet,” about the portrayal of gay people discusses how Hollywood has gay people die in their films with the theme of “The Wages of Sin are Death.” Suicide is one method Hollywood had to do this. Vita Russo actually added to his book a Necrology giving a timeline of Hollywood movies that had the gay character die in the end.

When first watching BL and gay East Asian movies for the first time, I had a negative view of gay characters dying in the end. However, after watching “The Third Country” it occured to me that suicide and death have different meanings in East Asian cultures. In that movie it was how their love was beyond mortal concerns.

I haven’t watched Until We Meet Again but from the plot summary death is a prelude to triumph.

The Japanese had seppuku and also traditions where suicide might be honorable. I really don’t know much about suicide in East Asian cultures. Just stray bits which I picked up over the years.

I would be interested in other peoples thoughts about suicide and death and BL and gays in East Asian films.