SUPER BORING dramas that you want to avoid?

i want to know what is on your list of boring dramas, because i am TIRED of seeing some of them.

u know, the kind of dramas that talk about everything else BUT the plot? the ones that dragg out painfully and slowly and make you forget what your watching and why your watching it?

list some that you suggest others avoid. we all maybe have different opinions about some of them, but for some its good to know what dramas are boring so that i , aswell as all of you can beware of them.

i really want to avoid these and be sure i dont make a mistake and bump into one…

There is already such a topic:

I generally stick to mini series which are less than 24 episodes. Daily dramas which tend to go on for along time (30-60 episodes) tend to drag on.

ah, ur right i kind of forgot about that X) thanks.

that is SO true i never go over 21 episodes. and even THAT is long to me T.T haha

I know! I like 16 episodes for a drama. :slight_smile: