Super Daddy Yeol

Hi there people!
I just wanted to know if anyone has requested for this drama, as I would like to be a part of something. So I wanted to talk with who’s going to be the CM for the drama, in case it gets licence.
Thank you.
XoXo, :heart:

Hi Marta,

I submitted the channel of Super Daddy Yeol a long time ago, but I haven’t got a response from Viki. I don’t know, who will be the Channel Manager, yet. In the case where my channel will be approval, I will be the Channel Manager. We need waiting patiently.

Have a wonderful day,


Hi szandra. kakashiandme answered me, I think she was the first one to submit it so it’ll be up to her. Thank you :slight_smile:

Yeah, I just asked my position as the romanian moderator. It is kakashiandme. Hope will be good. The title says “comedy” ???

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We don’t know who will be the channel manager, or the channel will be approval or not, or get licensed or not.

That before you get a PM by Viki staff about the fact whether or not your channel is approved the channel is only visible for yourself and the VIKI staff. When there already is a channel they will tell you who the channel manager is and your channel will be deleted. And I didn’t get a PM from the staff with this text Unfortunately, it cannot be approved because a channel for this program already exists. To get involved, please send a message to the Channel Manager, kakashiandme.

Sometimes when you can’t find a channel for a series doesn’t mean there is no channel. So it’s best to wait before recruiting team members because it can be for nothing if your channel is denied and deleted.

That’s happend with me a lot of times. For example: Vampire’s Flower, City of the Sun, Real Men ect… So thats why I wrote we need waiting patiently the series will get licensed or not. I got a Notifications from kakashiandme 4 days ago, but her channel invisible for us, yet. So, as I wrote we need waiting patiently.

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But real men is a channel. Hopefully Super Daddy Yeol will get license . Looking forward to watch it :slight_smile:

Hi Sol,

I know Real Men is a channel. but this was a channel, what I submitted too. But my channel denied, because of another channel :slight_smile:

Oh I see what you mean