Support for Licensing UEE's My Only One

Displaying both grace and beauty, UEE is truly a goddess, so when I saw the teaser for her latest drama – My Only One – I flipped out.
Mmm… The sentiment may not be Universal, but I genuinely think that this drama will be a great addition to the site.
Please show your support for My Only One.

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I just did it right now. I love UEE, too. I watch all her dramas until the end whether I like them, or hate them sometimes (my husband Mr Oh for example) She did her best like always. the story was a bit too boring for me. After watching White Nights I guess I got too spoiled.

Can you please help me with Mr. Sunshine? Can you do a page for him? THis drama is a masterpiece that deserves a Golden Globes (well not in Korea since they don’t have those I think…) It deserves the highest award as a masterpiece drama in South Korea (sorry I’m not familiar since I never get to watch them).

Everyone here at viki deserves to watch quality dramas like Mr. Sunshine. I would have titled that drama differently. I really can’t make sense of that title, and it bothers me so much, but they never care of ‘‘foreigners’’ opinions, anyway. Can you please give me a hand? Thanks in advance.I really don’t know how to do it and feel like the weather here in USA it’s lousy! (is raining hard, terribly cold, dark, ugly horrible day I hate it!) Winter is making its entrance and skipping fall the bast^*d. Hate my life right now and cry more for myself than the drama that was amazingly heartbreaking!

Dreading next week and the drama’s ending, which I anticipate will cause me more heartache and buckets of tears, but I love it just the same! Hope your day is better than mine. Big cybernet hug.

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Thank you very much! I really appreciate it. :heartbeat:

Well, I keep posting about the horrible consequences of Global Warming, but I don’t think anyone cares… :tired_face:

Concerning Mr. Sunshine, the license belongs to Netflix. They have exclusivity. I don’t like the title, either. :sweat_smile:

Take good care and stay warm!

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So, there’s no hope for Mr. Sunshine to be here any time soon…:frowning:

I haven’t seen anything you wrote about global warming. Where did you post this?

It’s hard to stay warm is only 59 degrees right now, and raining, dark, ugh!

Global warming, Hadron Collider, pollution, we have so much against us that is a miracle itself this Earth still stands today. I believe is too late to do anything about it since too much damage has been done by man already.The other day I saw a documentary about wanting to start using coal again. I just changed the channel I really can’t hear any more bad news in my life.

PS> I noticed many dramas here at viki are on hold for such a long time. Makes no sense.

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It’s still airing, and Netflix paid big bucks for it. Frankly, even if it did show up on Viki, it would be another My Sassy Girl situation, where no one would care about it. To this day, My Sassy Girl is incomplete on Viki. :sweat:

I put up my articles and videos on my Facebook page. I’m also on Twitter and LinkedIn. Mmm… Global Warming is more than high temperatures. From droughts to floods to forest fires to snowing in July to hurricanes, the consequences of Global Warming come in many destructive forms. While it’s true that Climate Change is a natural and cyclical process, human activity – through deforestation and pollution and a general lack of care for the environment – has gravely accelerated this process.
It’s not too late to make a difference, but it would take a lot of effort. The U.S. is a leading example with its alternative energy sources and electric vehicles, so I hope other counties will follow suit. At the end of the day, it’s up to each and every one of us to carpool, recycle, walk, bike, use public transportation, conserve resources and energy in hopes of making the world a good place for our children’s children. Preaching over. :innocent: :sweat_smile:

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:slight_smile: Yes! In Australia I believe was 2/3 weeks ago there was a snowstorm and ppl were in coats shoveling snow although is summer there now.

My daughter who lives in Florida says the beach looks like is full of blood from a red algae that is covering the sea. Is so toxic they had health warning all over. Their summer was completely ruined. Thank goodness when they saw that, they went back home and didn’t stay there long. Many people that stayed developed breathing problems and severe skin rashes.

I do my part and recycle, use the subway instead of my car most of the time, too.

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I’m glad your daughter is alright. Yeah, strange phenomena are happening all over.

Mmm… I think I should write something for the World Suicide Prevention Day…