Sweet Home - 10 Ep "zombie" Horror Kdrama

After watching Kingdom, Alive, Rampart, Train to Busan and Peninsula I was looking for next “zombie” style movie/TV series.

“Sweet Home” I just finished watching and it is amazing series and intense like movies/series above!

Highly recommend! Anyone else watched and thoughts on it?

Now I hear another zombie series coming soon! “All of Us Are Dead”

Netflix seems to be growing fast for Korean movies/series…


Yes it was scary as hell! It took me a while to have the courage to watch it without running away. I read part 2 will be delayed bc of the new virus cases and in SK: 40 ppl has died already from the virus. Basically everything that still filming is getting cancelled, but if it was a finished project we’ll be able to enjoy watching it. Kingdom 3 we’ll have a long wait to see it,sadly. Zombies are not too common but if what you like is scary stuff. I found this to be quite scary,

The Guest (SK)
Possessed (SK)
The Rope 2 was quite good. (Taiwanese)
Alice in Borderland (Japanese) I loved it (a lot of death involved/scary).
Memories of Alhambra (SK) I got VERY scared with this one but is pure fantasy.


Been really into nowadays to “zombie” kdramas. I waited for Sweet home since December and was not disappointed! It was so cool and loved theme song c: Started to read webtoon after finishing it and even though I know the “main idea” of plot it still surprises with different plot twits. To be honest, I was little skeptical with monsters but in the end the animation didn’t bother me

All of Us are dead sounds interesting so I’ll try to keep it in mind!

Not zombie series/movie but Time to hunt. I think it gives you same kind of feeling as zombie movies: the dystopia, need to survive, very intense chase and despair that actors show

again I repeat, give me the witches, vampires, werewolf etc, I can handle them, but these senseless creatures, can’t do anything with them. and yes I did watch zombie detective and train to Busan. still saying… and while we are here, anyone heart about second season of zombie detective?