Sweet Home, Sweet Honey 4 Worst Drama Ever

This one’s no honeypot; it’s a honey trap! It’s worse than Heirs and that’s saying a lot. It’s the worst!
I watched it many moons ago when I wasn’t all that familiarised with Kdramas. But even then I thought it was pure nonsense. Ugh… Where do I even begin? I’ve wanted to make this post for the longest of time. But just thinking about it angers me. I have a profound dislike for it. Everyone’s so evil, so braindead… Ugh… :dizzy_face:‍:dizzy: :weary: :angry:

Viki used to have it, but nowadays you can easily find it on YT. But DO NOT watch it if you value your time and mental health.

PS: And No, a Jane Austen ending doesn’t make things right, not by a long shot, buddy!

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