Taboo topics that should be discussed in Dramas

I’m starting this thread because of angelight’s post about the topics dramas should address, and here I will start with bullying. Bullying is something that I’ve never liked and it always made me indignant when I was a youngster. If I could, I would confront the bully, even if it was just a sentence or two. Now, my wish is to be a teacher, so bullying is a topic that I am very interested in, how it should be addressed, how it should be taken seriously.

And here is another video with a message of hope

And this video is in light of frustratedwriter’s post on elderly abuse in SK…

Please share other topics you feel should be illuminated through drama / movie, as angelight first posted

(I will say that I have seen a few dramas/movies where a ‘hush-hush’ topic was mentioned, such as the kdrama Black and the kmovie The Man From Nowhere)


This is so sad and I’m glad she got to live to make it public. It would have made an outstanding drama that deserved an award. The people deserve to see this and I hope a writer/Director looks into making a drama for viki site, too. People can’t continue to live in the k drama fantasy world. After all, she did live a good life after all the terror.


Usually serious, heavy stuff is discussed in movies, not in dramas.
It has to do with the audience. The channels know their audience.
There’s also the question of censorship, of making stuff suitable for family viewing.
Have you not noticed that these bland romantic comedies with hardly a kiss and almost no mention of people having sex, ever, are only permitted to teenagers over 15 years old? It makes one laugh, really, but that’s how it is there.

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Ah, okay, thanks for clearing that up :slight_smile:

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That’s the reason why I mainly watch Korean movies insted of shows. The shows are often just too immature and meaningless (like Asian versions of typical US shows). Exceptions for me are dramas of the fantasy/historical genre because the costumes etc. are often quite nice and stuff like sex is not necessary to make these genres work, also because of the way it’s told compared to ‘common daily life’ stories.

Good old scifi like Star Trek from Roddenberry also used to be quite clean (no sex, nudity etc.) but told stories with deeper meanings that make one think about it (including philosophical questions/aspects).

It’s really sad we don’t get more mature movies here because they could be so appealing and we’d had a larger range to choose from then.

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We have here at viki site very recently a drama with an incestuos theme, and one drama of two guys as lover they (the audience) raved about how wonderful those two dramas are. This site (channel?) knows its audience. Dramas related to war crimes like ‘‘life as a comfort woman’’, ‘‘homelessness,’’ are no different to this very diverse audience we have here at viki.

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Can you please tell me the titles?

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The incestuos theme I can’t remember the title so can’t look for it. If I find it, I’ll add it here. [She kills him at the end bc he knew she was his sister and she had fallen in love with him]

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Thanks! I hope you could find/remember it, it sounds more interesting/mature than the typical love romance comedy shows.

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There are a few movies/dramas I’ve seen and plan to see where the main couple or potential couple are either siblings, were once siblings, or are step siblings.

Stairway to Heaven (step-siblings)
Tree of Heaven (again, step-siblings, but I haven’t seen this one)
Temptation of Wolves (one of my fav Kmovies, it just tugged on my heart strings)
Autumn in my Heart (once siblings, then not anymore)


I refuse to watch dramas with incestuos theme so I didn’t see the drama but she’s a young girl that did this movie; Alice: Boy from Wonderland

Found it!

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Temptation of Wolves I saw it too, and I cried so much bc it has such a very sad ending for second lead. They were biological or step-siblings? I thought it was step-siblings. It was a long time I saw it and can’t remember their relationship in the story.
I also saw Stairway to Heaven and Autumn in my Heart but only remember the terribly sad ending.

Once siblings, then no more? I don’t understand that part lol

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From what I remember, they had the same dad, but different mothers.

Lol i didn’t want to spoil the story, but I will clear up the phrase. The girl grew up with the guy in the same family for 14 years. They thought they were siblings, but the truth came out that she was switched at birth with another girl, so the ‘brother’ and ‘sister’ weren’t biologically related and the sister ended up living with her birth mom.

I also didn’t watch The Smile Has Left Your Eyes for the same reason…

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It’s half siblings then when they have the same father.

The smile has left your eyes… i read theGerman description again, it doesn’t say it’s about incest, how do you know it? When I first read about it I thought it’s just about over-protecting brother and a murderous boyfriend.

I was watching an anime recenty about two teenagers who get involved into some romance but I wouldn’t call it incestous because 1. they didn’t know each other until being 16-17 y old and 2. they are just step siblings because their parents remarried - so no blood relation at all.

It was incestuos because the guy knew his father was her father, too. He had a man/woman (s*x) relationship with her, knowing that she was his sister. I believe that’s why she kills him. I know certain things because someone gave a FULL review about the drama, and compared it to the Japanese anime version. I refuse to watch the dramas since I was sure it was about an incestuos theme.

They have a Japanese anime version of the story, and it was adapted to a Korean drama but is not the one you mentioned here. Go and check it out before they remove it bc Alice: the wonderland boy movie, was removed already (it says video unavailable). That movie I really didn’t quite understand but most parts I skipped bc I can’t watch certain things so I skip them. For some reason it scared the sh*t out of

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@sonmachinima and @angelight313_168 SPOILER about The Smile Has Left Your Eyes:

I’ve actually watched this kdrama (and love it very much), and I wanted to correct something about the plot. The story is about a male lead character who is very dark and tormented. There is some suspicion of him murdering a girl, but he didn’t (the plot just makes it look like that from the beginning). The female lead character is the sister of a cop who is very overprotective of her. However, it is later revealed that the cop isn’t her biological brother (she was adopted by his parents). The two lead characters end up dating (which upsets the cop brother because he thinks the male lead is a murderer - this is where his overprotectiveness is in the story), and THEN another supporting character tells the male lead that his girlfriend (the female lead) is his biological sister. He breaks up with her and keeps trying to push her away after without telling her why. However, it is discovered a little later that they aren’t actually related. The supporting character who said they were related said this to mess with him and hurt him. She just wanted to get a reaction from him. So, they aren’t brother and sister. Also, she doesn’t kill him. She dies while trying to save him from a bullet, and then he gets shot afterwards. So, they die together by the hands of a different character.


Thank you! So it’s more as I thought it might be (I already had it on my watch list but forgot to have a look :slight_smile:

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I really went by the synopsis of the Japanese version but here: they wrote the same thing about them being brother and sister in the Korean version.
‘‘So goes this ill-fated love story between a soulless monster and a woman who turns out to be his own sister. An aberrant coupling, yes, but a love story nonetheless — and one that is only intensified by the exigent circumstances swirling around the lovers: the murder investigation.’’

The Smile Has Left Your Eyes

From DramaWiki

The Smile Has Left Your Eyes



So goes this ill-fated love story between a soulless monster ‘’[and a woman who turns out to be his own sister]’’ An aberrant coupling, yes, but a love story nonetheless — and one that is only intensified by the exigent circumstances swirling around the lovers: the murder investigation.

I’m glad I didn’t watched the drama bc I hate such tragic endings.

I genuinely hope you become a good teacher that students will remember fondly.


If the origin story is an anime it makes sense. Many Japanese anime/manga are like that.

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