Taiwanese Drama

Hey …is there a romantic drama where both the guy and girl are rich ? :sweat_smile:
Im kinda bored of watching dramas of a poor girl/Rich guy

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Have you tried - Go Single Lady?

No but I will.
Isn’t there anything else even if its any other type of drama.

I can’t recall anything where there is a rich pairing - and I do not watch that many Taiwanese dramas …

For other countries - I will think about it …
Would rich girl - poor guy be an option for you?
Or were status isn’t all that?

Can you answer some (personal) questions …

How old are you?
Are there some untypical dramas you like?
Your 3 favorite dramas?

Korean romance:

Rich Girl/Poor Guy.
Cloud Stairs, Couple of Fantasy (either you’ll like it or hate it), Ms. Temper and Nam Jung Gi, Prosecutor Princess, Queen In Hyun’s Man, Smile You, Soulmate,

The mixed bag/ a genre-mix:

Beyond the Clouds, Flowers of My Life, Glorious Day, Goblin, Ho Goo’s Love, I Remember You, Perhaps Love, King of Dramas, Mama, Miss Korea, My Love Madame Butterfly, On the Way to The Airport, Padam Padam, Plus Nine Boys, Powerful Opponents, Pride and Prejudice, Shut Up Flower Boy Band, The Greatest Wedding, What’s Up?, What’s Up Fox?, Will it Snow at Christmas?,

Status isn’t that important
I’m 18
Murphys law of love :fire:
Boys over flowers
Secret garden

For now I’m looking for a sad /romantic
Drama but I can’t find anything …most of them is a bit too traditional.

A touch of melo, is what you are looking for

My first recommandation to you would be this one, it sad and it is not your regular drama

Cloud Stairs might be an option too, but not on Viki as far as I know, about a fresh love with zero chances as it may seem

This is one of my favoirtes, I liked this one a lot not your usual music drama

A different type of drama, there is some rich and poor family involvement as well but the topic is the illness of the child and her next family members

Maybe a bit traditional but still, one of the best weekend dramas I ever saw

One of the few Taiwanese dramas I saw in the last years

Thank you so much :heart: I will definitely try these.

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In Love, Now, the main guy is from a wealthy household. He is the general manager of a company and the main girl comes from an average household. So, she is not really rich, but also not poor.


Thank you.

The K2. The female lead is a daughter of presidential candidate so of course she’s not poor. And the male lead is a hired bodyguard so of course he has a decent income. Those from my own speculation.

Strong Woman Do Bong Soon, the female lead works in the big company with decent income. The male lead is a C.E.O.

Chief Kim, all of the leads in this drama works in office with stable income. No one is poor.

Romantic Doctor Kim, both of the leads are doctors so of course they are rich.

Masked Lover: female lead is an interior designer, male lead is a cop. So both of them is not poor.

If you want a sad romantic then I would suggest Millionaire’s First Love but it is a poor girl rich guy but it has Hyun Bin and it will make you cry

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Try ‘Stay with me’ starring Joe Chen and Wang Kai both of them played a role of a successful fashion designers.

I have only been watching T-Drama for under a year now so I can pretend to know them all and I can think of a few examples you are talking about like Office Girl, Fated to Love You but many aren’t Love Now yes the Guy is rich but the Girl isn’t poor she would be for certain upper middle class. 2 Fathers all involved would be considered middle class to upper middle class.

my alltime favorite including this OST sung by Kim Jae Jung: