Taiwanese Dramas need subbing

lLove Viki so much but am disappointed that the taiwanese dramas are not getting subbed very fast. I have a few I have been watching but have not been able to finish one yet. I am watching ti amo choc right now and even in the episodes that say they are 100% subbed have long stretches of no subs. Same goes for inborn pair. Please start subbing taiwanese dramas!

It is hard to find enough subbers & segmenters who want to work on Taiwanese dramas. That is why many Taiwanese channels end up not getting subbed at all, or are subbed very slowly. >_<

Yep, it 's true. For an example, one year ago i’ve been moderator with an other person of a T-drama but finally she leave the channel because she was becoming QC, so she leave the team to translate the korean drama. It’s hard to subtiles T-Drama because somes volunteers don’t want too or just prefer subtitles since become QC and then leave for a korean drama even if they have don’t finished to subtitles the current T-drama.

I used to and then stopped for some time but now am getting back into the hang of things. I think tdramas are a little underrated xD anyways I am currently subbing Backlight Lovers and maybe after that I shall do other taiwan dramas. Tbh the more popular tdramas are usually subbed faster (love around etc) so I don’t find much joy in doing those as there are so many people already helping with it.

I think part of it also has to do with the show being licensed. That draws flocks of people over to help.

I wanted to watch a Taiwanese drama called: “Easy Fortune Happy Life” and the first 2ep are almost not subbed at all, but the rest of the episodes (25) are subbed completly… can someone maybe sub also the first 2 so I can start watch it xD thanks~

We really need subbing for Taiwanese drama !

We looking for french subs for inborn pair / true love . It’s missing from episode 26 .

Nous recherchons toujours des traducteurs pour inborn pair / true love svp !! A partir de l’épisode 26


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If you search the french subs, it’s not a problem for me. I watches this series in english subs, but in french it will been good.
I subs English to french

I seen there is a Gossip Girl Taiwanese version. But have not seen subs anywhere for it. It has some adult scenes I suspect is why on the full version .https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Gossip_Girl:_Thailand

I read there is a Portuguese version gossip girl acapulco