Taxi Driver with KR feels

My first impression of this drama is similar to Knight Rider from the 80s minus the talking car, Kitt hehe Yeah Tita feels! :tounge_wink:

I love the gadgets, too, from the pager to the changing of the car plates :) and the control booth! I can stay there forever haha

The cast is great! I can feel the intensity of Je Hoon’s emotions through his eyes. Is it just me that I can’t still trust Kim Eui-sung as Jang Sung-chul. But don’t get me wrong, I love him as an actor hehe

Kudos to the continued strong average nationwide ratings of 12.3 percent and 14.2 percent for its two parts from Soompi’s article (Source: Taxi Driver deserved every percent of the high ratings & popularity. Hope they could maintain it for the rest of the series.

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Share me your feeeeeeels too! :writing_hand:


I don’t get the Knight Rider feels at all but this drama is simply awesome and entertaining although their association with that loan Shark evil woman really bothers me so much, I’m worried that this will bring them lots of troubles.

It makes no sense to partner with someone they are fighting against: CRIMINALS.

I don’t see these combination going on too well since the TAXI DRIVER ML is exposing himself too much, and if anyone knows K-drama world, the criminal always gets away with crime, but the good ones have no hope there. I’m getting a bit discouraged bc they should it have more ppl involved playing different roles instead of just (taxi driver guy) and now we have nosy ‘‘prosecutor’’ harassing the good guys while she allows criminals go scott free.

That’s what I felt since I watched Knight Rider when I was young. Did you watch (KR) it?

KDrama storytelling is sooooooo complicated that’s why we’re hooked up and doomed while watching :smile:

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yep, but I also didn’t relate it with Knight Rider, but now that you mentioned it, hmmmm! one thing though, car isnt talking… yeah he has most of the gagets

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Taxi Driver’s viewership ratings are stable but how come the writer left in the middle of production? Source: ‘Taxi Driver’ writer exits drama mid-production | Kdramapal