Team search for an horror movie

Hi everyone ヽ(⌒‿⌒)ノ
I was chosen as the CM for an horror movie and I need a team, so I’m looking for:

:point_right:t3: Other language moderators (except Spanish, Hindi & Portuguese) are welcome to send me their applications. Please read the channel cover before apply as moderator.
🫰🏼This movie will come pre-subbed so english subbers are no required.

If you are interested, send me a PM please:

Thank you for reading, I’ll be waiting for your applications (b ᵔ▽ᵔ)b


Hi! Did you get segmenters? I’m having trouble getting some for a horror movie too, it was released on the 14th. If you can point me, I’d appreciate it.

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Hi Patricia! And yes, I have a team, I’ll send you a PM with information :smile:.

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