Tecnical issues XD

Hi everyone, I was wondering if it’s possible to edit an actor page for a simple user because:

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I’d like to add other 2 works Xin Xiao Shi Yi Lang and Royal Sister Returns to ZHU YILONG page

moreover… I noticed that even if I tap on the comment botton, to leave a comment, I can’t leave any messages at the end of the show pages, the form isn’t working for me…is that normal, is it to default? or is that a problem with my pc or my account? I just can write reviews…
Thanks ^^


For adding dramas to an actor page:

Volunteers only manage the segmenting and subtitle part (some promotion too through disqus comment).
Anything else is managed by Viki staff, so you can ask Viki if they can add these works or channels for the actor:


For comments:

Are you connected with a Viki account or with a Disqus account when you comment?
Are your parameters set correctly? (At the bottom of Viki website 《cookies settings》)

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Hi Piranna
Thanks for your answer, so I’ll ask to the admin of the actor’s page if it’s possible to add these works on the page :wink:

For comments yes the problem was that I didn’t accept cookies, now it’s working thanks again ^^

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You’re very welcome! :smile:

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