Tell me what you are watching right now

hi ,pies long time no see . as you read the title , pleae share with us what you are watching right now , for me

i just finish great drama called date must watch this drama if you love rom -com with different twist ,

i start watching great and classic one called with love

re watching love shuffle , amazing epic drama

just one love , ilove kame here , his role so different and act well

From Five To Nine

Flowers for Algernon


Date was funny, I hope thereis a second movie

Love shuffle was very original and refreshing

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so true , me too hope they will made part 2 for date but you can watch date sp episode :blush:

I started watching With love because of you. He’s hot!!!

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Hello, i am watching oh my venus , i think i will watch it to end :grin:

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high school king of savvy & sweet savage family. also planning on starting nirvana in fire and awl soon!

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it is one of best j drama before 2000 era , the main lead actor here is so hot and hunky :heart_eyes: here and in his other dramas , i hope you like it just like me , thank you

Currently watching Sukina Hito ga iru koto. Starring Kento Yamazaki :heart_eyes:

I allready watched:

-City Hunter (I guess in 2012 or something and than I totaly forgot about Asian Drama (cause I hade a big anime phase in around 2014-2016^^)
-Hwarang (I watched it in 2017)
-Fight My Way (I finished it 2 days ago)

I’m now currently watching:

-Strong Woman Do Bong Soon (I gues I was on Episode 8 last time^^)
-The Weight lifting Fairy Kim Bok Joo (I was at episode 4 last time)
-Attention, Love (I was at Episode 8 yesterday)
-You’re my Pet-Kimi wa petto (I started to watch it today and I’m on the first episode)

As far of all the shows I have watched / I’m currently watching is this the ranking from most to least liked drama:

  1. Fight My Way
  2. Hwarang
  3. Strong Woman Do Bong Soon
  4. Attention, Love!
  5. City Hunter
  6. The Weight lifting Fairy Kim Bok Joo
  7. You’re My Pett-Kimi wa petto

As you can see I’m watching Korean, Taiwanese and Japanese drama

slave hunters, mystic 9,

‘‘THE GUARDIANS’’ someone here was thanking the subbers for finishing the subtitles (translation) on the drama. Out of curiosity went to see what the drama was about and although it was a sad story plot, I’m hooked and I’m glad I found this jewel drama since Hwayugi is ending this weekend, so I’m sad to see them go…:frowning: hope the ending is not disappointing…::cry:::cry:

D-day is awesome too. Like no other drama.

The Mystic Nine Tetralogy and mystic nine. these tow are very confusing, are they a branch off each other? they both have a good plot, a mystery and chinese, then Japanese soldiers but whats the link? I think they are linked somehow.