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a great drama at least at the start watched the first episode. then I think it sounds so familiar. I go to Hulu, and cause I wanted to see this one, Bone collector, oh my goodness! this guy paraplegic, and our hero blind and in a wheelchair, I enjoyed watching the older bone collector with Denzel and anjole(??) was so good! this newer one, the girl is great! anyway the one here, I know I am comparing and doing my best not to! I love the main actor, I have enjoyed watching him in many dramas, and really hope this drama will do him right!


Watch: [MY HOLO LOVE] on NTFX it’s awesome! Different and i know you’ll like it.

I like TOUCH they are up to episode 11 very slow on subbing but I waited, and now started watching again.

Here on viki MOVIE/ the guy from fiery priest. Even he’s anxious to make season 2 of fiery priest. It broke my heart to see sulli in this movie.

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I have been wanting to watch the pirates, think I will watch it today. was sulli the young cop? I didn’t even notice, and we discussed her a few months ago! oh my goodness I feel bad not recognizing her!!
and yes I would love a second season!

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I usually stay away from gruesome dramas, but I wanted to watch it because I love Girl’s Generation and Sooyoung. I’m not so sure anymore… Pass.

PS: I guess everyone’s getting on the gravy train

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Sulli in The Pirates


Touch seems really interesting. Unfortunately, it’s not available in Europe, even though it’s a Viki Original and should have no restrictions whatsoever.

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I hope you see it soon. Lucky you don’t have to be waiting around for subtitles that are extremely slow in that drama so I’m waiting for it to be fully subbed before I start watching again.It’s with the zombie girl and that actor I like so much in all his drama (especially Cunning Single Lady). Zombie girl so far from the dramas she’s being lately, I really like her acting on this one. She’s gaining experience and seems more natural, very confident and that’s a plus.

Let me add that something very weird is going on at this site almost EVERY drama/movie I like and want to see here, has ‘‘restricted access’’ in them. Even dramas that they had back when I first started here at viki (Like substitute princess I wanted to watch again but I can’t) has restricted access. ALL the dramas I worked as CM/ SUBBER/MODERATOR have ‘‘restricted access!’’ Does that makes sense?

Thanks for that beautiful picture of sulli. I can’t believe she’s gone at such a young age. it’s so heartbreaking. I saw her in ‘‘To the beautiful you’’ for the first time and i thought she would be so famous, and i would get to see her wedding and her babies, her loving husband. I always thought she would fight everything and win the battle :sob::broken_heart::broken_heart::broken_heart:

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In the drama she’s a poor young girl who was sold by her dad to some pirates and she ends up becoming a pirate.


In Germany it’s available, so I wonder why it’s restricted for you.


Well, this is unexpected. I’m glad that you have access to it, of course, but I don’t understand its exclusive nature… :pleading_face:

I just finished ep. 3 of Tell Me What You Saw, and I am totally impressed with Jang Hyuk! He is such a cool character in this show. The female lead is also interesting, but I hope her character gets fleshed out some more. Strangely, I feel that she isn’t as strong as she can be…in other words, I’m hoping for more potential in her character. I don’t mean physically, but strength confidence-wise.

So far, it’s a crime/thriller like others I’ve seen, but Jang Hyuk’s character brings such a flavor to the show. I am waiting for his character to finally heal…maybe she will be his healing potion and he will help her find her mom’s killer and build her confidence.

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I have really enjoyed watching this drama, tell me what you saw, Jang Hyuk is terrific here! again really hope this helps him with his career.

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I’m not sure about the drama, but the OST is simply amazing. LEEBADA rules !! :heartpulse: :microphone:


I really hope they catch the kidnapper. I was really upset when he took advantage of the child, it almost ruined my day. I had to listen to calming music while walking my dog, I was so upset. Anyways, I think that SooYoung and Jang Hyuk will make an excellent team, and that they will catch that man…

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I just watched the most recent episode…and boy, what a twist! I’m shocked but impressed at the writers. They really pulled a trick on the viewers! Finally I understand, and really, I’m glad the show circled back to ‘that bastard’ because I thought it was turning out to be one of those procedural dramas where every few episodes the cases are different, and so are the suspects. Wow, I feel bad for Sooyoung…if you have seen the most recent episode, you will understand why.

When they introduced the term 'communicated insanity," I had to look it up. I never knew that delusions can be ‘given,’ ‘forced,’ on others until I read a little about it.

I just finished watching episode 12 and now there’s something I don’t understand. I mean, he repeatedly visited the Investigation Unit and no one recognized him? They’ve arrested him before, so they know how he looks, but he just repeatedly went there fearlessly?
Is there something I got wrong or is the case really like this?

haven’t gotten there yet. got two more ep[isodes , will watch and see whats going on

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He had the mask on when Oh Hyun Jae arrested him; also, when he arrested him, it was dark out and Hyun Jae was too busy trying to save Isu from the car accident. I guess that is how he escaped having his identity being found out. As for the investigation unit, they only saw him when he testified as a witness. The times that he visited Sooyoung, it was really quick and he stayed on the main floor (if I’ve missed a scene, please correct me).

My question is how is he able to take leave from the police station he works at to drive back and forth between the cities to commit his dastardly deeds? I realize he had lackeys to do his bidding…but still, I can’t reconcile the two thoughts together. Hopefully the writers explain in the next few episodes.

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Also Spoilers:

Didn’t he go to to help in the investigation when Section Chief Bong got killed because he was the first policeman on the scene? If I remember correctly, he was sitting in the interrogation room with the other investigator while they were interrogating that elderly woman who loaned the section chief money. Isn’t it so?
I remember they said he was going to stay with them until the case is solved. I can go back and look for the exact timing to check.

I really hope they explain these points because so far, something doesn’t make sense. The first couple of crimes (all the mint-crimes) were all connected in a way that I think should be explained further. It was too mysterious.

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Ah, then I missed the part where he also was interrogating the woman. Hmm, he might use that as a way to establish rapport with the other police officers so they wont suspect him.

As for the earlier crimes, my theory is that he wanted to draw out Oh Hyun Jae by using Sooyoung. I see it like a plant and its roots-- he’s the man who gives orders to his ‘angel’ buddies, then they have their own lackeys (also killers) that they instigate and use indirectly. Since Hyun Jae was in hiding, the real ‘bastard’ (goodness, I forgot the policeman’s name) needed to get his attention and he started out with a murder in the precinct where Sooyoung works, most likely hoping that he can keep a close eye on the Metropolitan Police through her. However, he didn’t have to do that murder in person because the culprit (the man with the dog) confessed that he was the killer (which he was). Then, after he gets killed by his companion (the veterinarian), the ‘angel brother’ (the reporter dude) of ‘that bastard’ kills the veterinarian and the egotistic profiler, all while leaving a mint in their mouths–but he is commanded by ‘that bastard’, as we see when Hyun Jae discovers the earpiece inside the Russian doll. In my understanding, he is behind that mess but not directly.

But why would he pretend to be dead? Why show up after 5 years to hunt down Oh Hyun Jae? Why use Sooyoung when he already had wiretapped into the police radio? So many unanswered questions…I hope some will be answered this weekend.

UPDATE: After watching ep 13, I have one more question: If the Director knew five years back that the bastard was a policeman, why didn’t he start a secret investigation to find the bastard? All he had to do was compile a list of policemen who took a vacation from surrounding police districts during that time and during the time of the kidnappings/murders. Then, he could branch off from there and look for connections from there…but I guess that Sooyoung was the one who really turned the tide of the investigation when she found Kim Yo Han’s father and recognized the doll.

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