Tgcf Live Action - Eternal Faith


What do you expect from the upcoming drama? Do you thing the actors fit the actual characters? I’m really curious about everything you have on your mind about upcoming “Eternal Faith” :–)


Ohh yess. I can’t wait for this drama. I’ve seen the anime (the 11 episodes only) and I’m loving it. About the actors… I haven’t seen any of their past works, so I’m not gonna judge whether they fit or not. We also have seen only some leaked photos so yeah :joy::sweat_smile: but I think they will do a good job. They are cute tho. They are still filming it, so I guess it won’t be aired soon, I guess late 2022. But still, I’m looking forward to it​:sob:


Honestly i cannot wait! Even if it verges a bit oh the AU side for adaptation’s sake, it honestly feels a bit unreal still… I will believe it when I see it. Maybe. Please…

PS. I have a running joke with my friends about the countless "Your highness, rest assured"s I’ve had to translate in palace dramas and we’re lowkey waiting to see how many it will be in this one considering Xie Lian hasn’t rested (let alone assured) a day since he was 17 :laughing: