Thai dramas?

What is the best site for Thai drama? It looks like viki isn’t going to be licensing any Thai drama soon.

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Everything points to the idea that Viki are not putting effort into Lakorns or other countries such as, telenovelas or the Philippines… People continue to make requests and thank goodness to volunteers and fan channels. I generally watch on YT or DM. The only way I was able to watch I Wanna be a Superstar and Kluen Cheewit (I hope I have the spelling right) was on DM and YT. I wish I could give you more but for me it has always been googling and hoping for the best for things that are not Viki or DF. The issue I think it popularity and licensing.

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What does DM and YT stand for? I google Thai dramas, but apparently finding English subtitle versions are difficult. Then for those that do, omg–bombard with popups.

DM stands for Dailymotion and YT stands for Youtube

If you watch any with English subs, take note of the sub team and google them. Sometimes they have a web site.

Yes @choesook is on it with this suggestion. There are 2 sub teams that are my go to for Lakorns, now. I found them by the YT and DM channels. I am still hoping that Viki will get back to the lakorns, someday.