Thai Dramas

Is there a reason why Viki barely has Thai dramas? There used to be a lot ages ago and I have a lot of free time over the summer to start subtitling/segmenting again (thanks to Viki emailing me about volunteering lol). There aren’t any Thai dramas to subtitle, so what’s the downfall with this?

Anyways if you’re looking for segmenters, I’m available~


Thai dramas, Lakorns, are rare because licenses must be obtained.
The Lakorns at Viki in the past didn’t have a license and the laws about copyrights were a bit more lax, but after complaints Viki had to take them all down, more or less overnight.
Just recently they started to get some Lakorns, but I can’t tell how many more will be there in the future.

You can look them up here:

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