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hello ---- do you know the name of this drama?
story of present and past
past -------------------------------------

  • twp princesses love the same man - the king marries the young princess with the prince, the old prices dies i prison because she started to use black magic
  • young princess has a job as young actress and has nightmares with what happen in the past , she has a medallion hat protects her
  • prince - he is also a young actor - and he also has dreams about past. he also has a strange friend who inherited an old village that was in the past the who sisters kingdom
  • young princess and prince are starring together in the same drama and they get to film in the village inherited by the prince friend
  • the ghost of the old princess is waken up in the old village and with her black magic and a heart sacrifice she brings back to life her black magic master and herself - the old princess can hypnotize people by singing an old instrument like a guitar



Sounds like a great drama hope someone knows the tilte bc I would love to watch, too.


Hi everyone!
Apparently Viki will bring us Thai content.

It was about time


About time i love most Lakorn dramas.