Thai Lakorn Watchers! Join In!

Instead of sitting down sulking about the current situation Viki is going through with Thai Lakorn, how about we cheer up and talk about our favorite Lakorns. Even though this one is not a recent one this was the VERY FIRST Lakorn I watched and boy did I pick a good one that day.

I watched Roy Lae Sanae Rai. This was beyond good, (IMO), being the first Lakorn that I saw TBH I was not expecting what I saw. I wasn’t expecting all the Slap/Kiss • the forced sex scenes :fearful: • or how freaking long each episode is.Putting all that aside. Thai Lakorns are my 2nd place language Dramas to watch.

Come join in and share your Thai Lakorn moments.

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Not sure if sulking is the word I use about the current situation on Viki when it comes to Thai Lakorns. For me, it is more of what can we as consumers do to help Viki get those licenses so we can not be in this searching elsewhere for our enjoyment of lakorn watching.

As for your choice of first lakorn, Roy Lae Sanae Rai, it is another great lakorn. Many have a hard time with the forced sex scenes that prevails through many lakorns but unfortunately they generate public attraction. At the same time it heightens the differences in cultures. Women’s status and male dominates really show how some countries are so different that watching dramas helps one understand better real news stories and why some non-for-profit organizations are looking to educate the masses on certain issues.

Have you watched the older version of Roy Lae Sanae Rai and compared the two? Personally, I think the newer version is the better one.

Haha. Oh no. This is going to be a very long post if I list out all my favourites. I think I shall just stick to my recent absolute favourites, which is still rather long but shorter.

Ugly Duckling: Perfect Match I was going all Energizer Bunny crazy over the refresh button for this one. Was so good. It’s actually one of four parts of the entire drama (the other three parts had their good and bad moments, but I didn’t like any of the others that much that I’d put the entire drama in my favourites list). But P’Seua (the pra’ek) of this was… such a slut in a totally good way. I shan’t elaborate more, or else I’ll give away what a rabid fangirl I am :yum: Just watch it, you won’t regret it.

I Wanna Be Sup’tar Another DJ Push lakorn. I have such a crush on him right now :blush: This is actually a very loose remake of Full House, but even better, because it takes all the illogical nonsense and made sense of those. PLUS the pra’ek isn’t a temperamental childish idiot, and neither is the nang’ek a masochistic pushover. Perhaps the chemistry between the pra’ek and the nang’ek isn’t as sizzling as in the Thai Full House, but I’ll get on to that in a while. I must also say that Wanneung (the nang’ek) was absolutely stellar in this, being able to do quirky and over-the-top, but also nailing the emotional scenes.

And now, on to the Thai Full House and Kiss Me. Their chemistry is absolutely phenomenal, even better than Yadech, in my opinion. They altered the scripts quite a little, in a good way, but towards the end, to follow with the plot lines, they created some unnecessary angst, which was annoying. But their chemistry! I want more Mike & Aom!! :heart_eyes:

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I haven’t seen the older one I have seen clips here and there but if I’m not mistaken I know that the actor that played Nueng in the 2002 version, is/was super famous in their time I feel like I see her a lot when I’m searching around.

I loved the older version! I think because I was such a big Tik fan LOL!

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I wonder how we can help with the issue though! I love my Thai lakorn. I was a bit hurt when searching for Nadech lakorn and couldn’t find it here anymore. :sob:

Like most I am disappointed in what has happened to our beloved lakorns but I have taking the iniative to bombard the channels themselves on facebook and youtube to ask why they are not taking advantage of what could be a financial gain in itself by just doing the subs themselves and having their own channels. Cause think about it even on youtube you can receive gain and it gets more people tuning into their channel to see what new lakorn is coming out. I know GMM is trying it on youtube with some of the newer drama’s. So if we drama lovers stand togetheir and more of us join in on this maybe they (the Thailand Entertainment Industry) will see what benefits they could gain with international viewers. While also showing the rest of the world what Thailand has to offer other than the tawdry stuff we usually hear about.


GMM TV youtube’s channel was a wonderful find. But I do wish I could watch more shows and legally with good video and subtitles.

My favorite is Padiwaradda aka Beloved Loyal Wife. But there are so many more I’d love to see but can’t find anywhere. I’d definitely pay for a vikipass if they got licensing and I could watch them on here.

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Hey guys!!! Do you know any website of the current lakorn subbers??? I have found a few where there are available a lot of subbed lakorns, perhaps we can share information in order to keep watching them.

Hi is the only one I have found so far. I think a lot of the subtitled lakorns have been pulled from you tube too. I would be willing to buy the dvds but I only found 2 subtitled on amazon. I really miss watching the lakorns. Thanks in advance to anyone who can help!

Well I’ve found a few blogs i.e. subbers paradise, neko meow meow, anonyblue2001, alwaysmena, jasmin’s lakorns as well as in dailymotion. Dynastykat & Sherry James just shut down their site, but yt channel is still working.

Great topic! I know it has been dormant for a while. I think I have been watching lakorns for about a year maybe 6 months. Its one of those happy accidents where you click on something and become immersed. I, too, was surprised by the slap kiss genre and the difference in lakorns. Yet, I was all in when I discovered DJ Push or Push. I think my first lakorn was either I Wanna Be a Sup’tar or Roy Lae Sanae Rai. I just started watching all of Push’s stuff which let to Ugly Duckling, U Prince, and others. I think my favorite as of now…Kluen Cheewit (forgive the spelling). I really enjoy Mark Suparat and Yaya. Talk about chemistry! Heres a Top 10

  1. Kluen Cheewit ( Yaya Sperbund and Mark Suparat)
  2. I Wanna be a Superstar (Push and Gyspo)
  3. Karn La Krang Neung…Nai Hai Jai (Mick and Pimmy) was my #1 until KC
  4. Full House (Mike D’ Angelo and Aom)
  5. Playful Kiss (Mike D’ Angelo and Aom)
  6. U Prince Cowboy (Push and Esther)
    7 U Prince Baker (Victor Zheng)
  7. Leh Ratree 2015 (Shawn and Esther)

OK maybe TOP 8. I have seen Roy Lae Sanae Rai, Love Flight, and I have to finish Puer Tur and the Kitchen Scholar. As you can see my favorite actors are Push, Mike D’Angelo, and Mark. I am planning to see more of their stuff especially Mark’s.

I saw 3 trailers the other day somewhere. Princess Hours seems to be coming. Tao seems to be in many of the lakorns I have seen. There is one with what seems like 2 jewel thieves which looks interesting and then another with an assassin and his target. They looked very action oriented. I have to find out more about them. Happy Watching!

Wow, my last post was long! I figured the Assassin one out…it is airing this week, I think. Cheewit Puer Kah Huajai Puer Tur (My Life is to Kill, My Love is For You). I am basing it on the trailer I saw, so I hope that translation is correct. I hope I can find this one with subtitles as it is new.

The other is Kularb Tud Petch and I do not know the English translation. It doesn’t seem to have any english subs either.:disappointed:

Another one that looks good based on the trailer I saw is Sane Rai Ubai Rak. If anyone has seen these let me know how they were?

Another one that looks good is I think Single Stories. Sean is in it. Again, there are not any English subtitles. As a fan, it is so frustrating! Oh, well will just enjoy what I can. I am going to request all of these with the hope that Viki will keep considering lakorns.

Anyone have a favorite couple or ‘must-see’ couple?

Like I said I really liked the Mark and YaYa pairing although I know Mark works more with Kimberly and YaYa works with Nadech (Barry?). I have not seen all of these parings though. I am in the process of watch Kitchen Scholar.

Surprisingly, I enjoyed Push and Gypso yet, they have not done another show together. I know she does more hosting, though.

I want to see Mek in a lead role. I liked his role in Karn La Krang Neung…Nai Hai Jai.

Mike and Aom are must-see!

The rest… not so much must-sees, but good couples that I like to watch are Yadech, Weir and Aum’P, Noona and Bie. Push seems to have pretty good chemistry with all his co-stars, but I don’t have any couple preferences for him. As long as he’s there :wink: I can’t really get into any of the Mark pairings though :confused:

hello all

sulking is to be gentle with wiki… where are the thai drama ???
samee , soot saai paan , RUK MAI MEE WUN TAY , Tas Rak , Kuan Kamathep , Padivarada, Roy Leh Sanae Rai , Leh Ratree , BUNDAI DOK RUK , KU KAEN SAN RUK , pin anong, wanida, jai rao, Taddao Bussaya , Mere Jum Pen , Buang Ruk Gamathep , Wung Nam Karng , Liam Ruk , Wimarn Sai , the 5 gentlemen story, … an incredible quantity of beautiful stories canceled, disapeared without no reason!!! viki please restore the Thailand series!!!

I am still watching my Lakorns. I finished Cheewit Puer Kah Huajai Puer Tur. I enjoyed the pairing of Jes and Mo. Jes showed some acting chops in it. I liked the action scenes, too. I think they were doing a daily show about the same time as this was airing. I watched one with Push and Jui, Game Maya. I wasn’t loving the female lead character (this is not a reflection of Jui, I just think the character was not written well) but it was enjoyable. It got into silly territory but watching Push made up for a few annoying characters. Waen Dok Mai was good…I will always tune in for Push and Gypso. I hope they do another, further down the road.

Buang Hong was good. I think Kimmy is like Push in that, she can work with anyone. They have chemistry with their co-stars. Again, I enjoy Kimmy and Mark but she was good with James.

I watched Princess Hours, too. I did not enjoy that one as much. I really like Tao as an actor. I had a hard time with the lead female and I did not feel like the second male lead was quite right in the casting. Oh, and the second male leads Mother, the acting just was not there at all. Re-makes are always hard but they did well with Full House and Playful Kiss.

I am looking for english subtitles for Kom La Faek 2018 with Mark and Kimmy. I was so excited when I saw the trailer for it Then, there was a wait…it started in March but, I have not fount it anywhere. Also, Crown Princess with Yaya and Nadech seems interesting.

I want to see Tao in anything after the PK remake. Yaya and Mark, Kimmy and Mark, Push and Esther, Push and Gypso, Toey and Ken, and Mike and Aom do another lakorn. I know Mike has being doing alot of work in China but I want to see a lakorn and some music from him.

What is are you watching in 2018? Are there any remakes you would like to see as a lakorn? Any pair that you are hoping to see in another drama? Happy watching!

I finally watched Kom Faek. There were some scenes that made me cringe. Yet, I enjoyed watching Mark and Kimberley. Also, I become a new fan of Alex Rendell, too. I think he and Kao? are supposed to be doing another lakorn down the road. I liked the supernatural element of it, too.

Recently, I watched Kiss the Series and Kiss Me Again. There are few other lakorns, I watched that had some parings that I could root for, too.

I watched one with Alex and Mint. Sorry, I cannot recall the title. I am looking for The Crown Princess with english subtitles.

Any lakorns that you are anticipating towards the rest of 2018?

I’m currently watching the Lakorn drama BEHIND THE NEWSROOM and would love to see it here at RVIKI for viewers to enjoy this such wonderful and entertaining drama.

How you go about requesting a certain drama? I always fill out request form for others, but never did it myself. Any suggestions? Thanks in advance!

One thing about these gorgeous looking male actors, but their voice (nasal like) completely turns me off! lol