Thai Lakorns

Tahi lakorns are basically dramas from Thailand. There is a quite a lot of shows out there that have not been released or only partially released/subbed available. I have just discovered them lately and have been on a scavenger hunt to find completely subbed shows. lakhornsworld2 is one of the best sources I have found which lists these dramas and where you can find the completed ones. Viki and Youtube are the best sources. But they are being yanked down off of Youtube for copy write reasons. This is all well and good and certainly understandable…but they are really missing out of a huge market as we English Speakers seemed to love a lot of melodrama.

I would like to see Viki help bring these shows to their views by working with “mainly” channel 7 to obtain the licenses so they can be enjoyed everywhere.

Anyone else interested in promoting lakorns?


I have just finished subbing ‘Emotion Market’. I really enjoyed it so would like to recommend it to all Thai Lakorn fans and anyone who has been wanting to give Thai dramas a try.

I just finished watching it. Thank you Thank you Thank you for all your hard work. I am an average 57 year old woman from Texas USA and I really enjoyed it.