Thailand drama's

While I have’t been on Viki for a while, upon my return to the site I have been eager to jump back into watching some of my favorite shows that I hadn’t finished watching in a while. Unfortunately some of them were Thailand shows, and I noticed that the shows that were there are no longer available. I see that there have been many changes, but this one has me a little upset. because as much as I love kdrama, i was very much into Thai Dramas as well… looking forward to see what happens with this genre or at least please put them back.


What happened to all the Thai dramas? Almost all the shows I was following seem to be dropped as of today.


gusto hoy que tengo tiempo resulata que ya no estan los larkos de thailandia y nada mas me faltaban 2 capitulos para terminar la novela y ahora no puedo por que cambiaron la progamacion por favor regresen los larkos por favor tanto que megusto la historia .

Is Viki no longer showing Thai dramas or the fan channels that supported them? All of the Thai dramas I had been following are now gone and the drama that I was in the middle of watching disappeared. I will be very disappointed if Viki has discontinued showing Thai dramas.


It is hard to get the license for Lakorn channels from Thailand TV stations. Its sad because Thailand just doesn’t seem to get it that there is a huge fan base outside of their country. Worse yet is Viki was the best avenue of having lakorns in one place. Now the hidden avenues are scattered and constantly facing threats of removals and prirating.

Hola!!! alguien sabe que es lo que ha pasado con los dramas tailandeses? Por favor, avisen si los van a seguir poniendo, Viki son los mejores!!!

Hola!! Me encantan las series Tailandesas, desconozco por que han desaparecido la mayoría de ellas pero yo añado mi voto a que se vuelvan a incorporar a la programación!!! :sob::sob::sob: Gracias y gran trabajo!!:heart_eyes:

This is what I experienced and so disappointed that I may toss out my computer LOL Will we ever get to view those favorite shows Does anyone know where they maybe located?