Thank you cards

Hey all. Looking to make a “thank you” card for a couple of teams I am on and I know where and how to get the contributing subbers, but what about the contributing segmenters? It seems segments don’t have “names” on them for the contributor… where do you all get that info accurately? Thanks!

If you look in the Team Discussion, most segmenters write which episodes/parts they segment.


Are there cases where more than one person contributes segments to a section? Seems like no, but don’t want to leave anyone out! :slight_smile:

It can happen sometimes. When a segmenter isn’t able to finish a part, he or she usually leaves a comment so that another person can finish it. I think generally you will be able to easily find all the segmenters of an episode in the Team Discussion. If for some reason you don’t see a comment for one of the episode parts, you can check the Activities tab, but that can be a little more work because you have to scroll down until you get to the part/time you are looking for.

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