That One Annoying Guy/Girl In Every Drama or Sometimes Parents

I’m Only gonna Point The Characters … So Don’t take it personal… Im Pointing The Characters They Play…

  1. Lee Tae Sung- Playful Kiss
  2. Kim Ji-Suk- Personal Taste
    3)Wang Ji-Hye- The Suspicious Housekeeper
    4)Yoon Jin-Ho- Bridal Mask
    5)Lim Soo-Hyang- Inspiring Generation
    6)Lee Hye-Young- Boys Over Flower
    7)Han Jin-Hee- I Miss You…

Oh! I couldn’t stand CSY’s mom from My Love from the Star. Actually, the head of the ad agency was pretty annoying, too. I couldn’t stand the thieving uncle and his woman from Golden Rainbow. Then that woman became a spoiled, rich brat on Secret Love Affair. (Can’t stand her there, either.) I couldn’t stand the protagonist female in Prosecutor Princess, nor the one in My Girl (at least for like the first half of the show), nor the one is Operation Proposal (cause she made it so hard for the guy). Those are the ones that stand out for now.

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I don’t know if it’s the character’s this certain actress portrays,her acting is just that wonderful because I can’t stand any other characters she portrays, or it’s a vibe I get from this actress but I am just going to say her name

Wang Ji Hye (she is the ONLY one I feel like this towards)

Her Characters:
Song Che Kyung ~ Hotel King ( This is the worst one because I am seriously thinking about not watching the rest of this drama because my skin crawls when I see her)
Yoon Song Hwa ~ The Suspicious Housekeeper
Seo Na Yoon~ Protect the Boss
Kim In Hee ~ Personal Taste


Suzy… I Like Suzy And All… She is a great actress but Her character in Dream High With Her Rude Self Pissed me Off… And Her in Big… She was Very Annoying, I get she likes him very much but she was extra annoying … i havent finished big soo im hopping she isnt very annoying at the end too

  1. I was screaming everytime I saw the second female lead in Me too! Flower, I mean the lead’s little half sister. She looks like the little turtle in Finding Nemo. And she is the biggest gold-digger…

  2. Worst actress ever : Boys Over Flowers - Jan Di - I really hated her facial expressions from the start, they are exaggerated… And she is prude as hell.

  3. Jan Di’s mom in Boys Over Flowers, and the main lead’s mom in My love from another star (Gold-diggers again…)

  4. Shining Inheritance - second female lead (the way she calls Lee Seung Ki OPPAAAAAA… And wait - if someone gives you a piggyback ride he becomes your fiancé automatically? Cuz they talked about the male lead like he was her boyfriend or something…) and her mother (ultimate gold-digger)

  5. Playful kiss: Both the main female lead and the second male lead… wah, just horrible.

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I saw the 2nd mom from your #3, and I fully agree. I almost didn’t watch the drama I found her so annoying. I can’t really comment on the girl’s acting from 5, cause I don’t remember well, but I was struck in how she truly looks like an Asian Katherine Zeta Jones. I find her to be very pretty.

Yeah that whole character and her actions was so questionable (I mean, in My love from another star)… In my country, after you reached the age 18, no one can sign a contract in your name unless he/she has your official approval with your signal and personal data. Often two witnesses are also needed to be someone’s proxy. She just signed her daughter’s contract, got her daughter’s salary straight to her account and lived her life happily. How is that even possible legally in Korea? And why couldn’t the girl do something about it? woow, I’m still getting angry when I think about it :smiley:

About the 5th girl, she was in Playful kiss. She was clingy, and creepy, basically a stalker without any pride. She let the boy she loved humiliate her, and still chased him on top of that. Lot of people say she was cute and she never gave up on her love, but I really couldn’t see that next to the fact that she has no pride and shame at all :frowning:

I kind of feel bad that she always gets evil role.

The way she talks in a babyish way while taking long pauses and just stares at people is so damn annoying. And she didn’t do any justice to the character from the manga (I never expect the manga and drama to be exactly the same, but it doesn’t mean you can ruin the personality). Instead of coming across as a woman who lost her self-confidence because f the trumps in the past and present, she comes across as plain dumb. I actually watch it for the story and side characters while skipping the parts when she appears on screen.

Soo Ah from My ID is Gagnam Beauty. She is calculating in a scary way! She craves attention, is fake, and the way she is chasing after the male lead is desperate.

Generally, I have an issue with the desperate second female lead in every drama.

I love Marcus Chang but the female lead for Behind Your Smile was painful to watch.

The hard characters are the parents who just ruin or control their child/children’s lives. I can’t think of the title right now but there are too many of these.

The Second Female Lead in Scent of a Woman and My Lovely Kim Sam Soon. Yikes!