The 2013 DAA Nominations - The best shows of 2013

It’s that time of year again. It’s time to start the nominations for the DAA Awards.

In the month of December, like every year, the Drama Addicts Anonymous club will be nominating our favorite television shows and films for the 2013 DAA Awards. The url below is the topic where we will allow anyone to nominate their favorite movies and dramas. You do not have to be a member of the DAA to nominate or vote. You can nominate multiple shows or dramas for the same category. If a show is has already been nominated for an award, it doesn’t need another nomination. Please check the list before nominating. The official voting for the DAA Awards will begin in January, and the voting choices will be based on the nominations. Once the nominations have been recorded, we will distribute the survey and vote on the best series, films, and other categories. Please do not nominate a show that has already been nominated. Don’t forget to share this to allow other people to nominate.

Please nominate your favorites so that we wont forget to add them to the official 2013 DAA Awards Survey that will be released January 1st!

Nominations Topic:

Happy Holidays!

:slight_smile: Remember that you only have until December 30th to send in your nominations!

The nominations close in one week. Make sure to put in your nominations before the nominations close! Nominations do not have to be dramas on Viki.