The Addictive Charms of South Korean Drama

When you look for a drama’s character and you find this instead :joy:

NYT Sept. 15, 2017

And then, you know you go astray…

“Daily watch time per viewer for those who installed from the instant app is 30% more than overall watch time of an average user.” > No kidding!

The first book I’ve ever seen about Viki (only a few pages are readable)
Speaking in Subtitles: Revaluing Screen Translation:

This e-book is 75 € & 91 € on Kindle… I wanted to read it.


Thank you for sharing.

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75 À 91 EUROS POUR UN LIVRE en plus via Internet !!! C’est de la folie !


Comme Asterix et Obelix diraient, “ils sont foux les Romaines”… lol :hushed:


Haha aucun doute !