The ads keep show up

ive already registered for the viki pass… but why do the ads keep show up every vew minutes… :frowning:

Try to log out and log in again. Sometimes the problem is only this ^^

not only the ads but several scenes have no English sub titles.

This is maybe because the English subtitles are not complete at 100%
What is the drama you’re watching ?

“can we love” great show but missing a lot with missing sub title

@sonia_dawes Episodes all say 100%, except for the latest episode (14), which the subbers are probably still working on…since the episode only came out a few hours ago.

If you’re watching any previous episodes, not sure why there would be missing subs. Care to share which episode/part?

Hello, if you’re still experiencing problems related to Viki Pass, I encourage you to visit the Help Center at :slight_smile: