The Baby Bird Factor - The "Cutie" Posse University!


I’ve seen a lot of the ‘box’. LOL And then in the wide shot the girl only comes up to the guy’s shoulders, but in close ups they are practically cheek to cheek. Those poor fellas. Save their legs and necks! When I was watching ‘My Little Happiness’, I swore that guy was going to get a herniated disc in his neck or something.


I was engaged once to a man who was 6’ 4" (I am 5’ 5" on a good day). I could fit under his chin without him having to tilt his head up at all. And if he craned his neck to lay against the top of my head, and left it there too long, he’d get a crick in his neck for days.


My husband is 5’10" and I am 5 feet, so we can relate. It’s perfect for hugging, IMO. I love tucking right under his chin. But for kissing? It’s not ideal. :grin:


YES! My husband is 5’10" as well, and only being 5" shorter makes hugs slightly awkward. Kisses are good, though. :wink:


You are soooooo greedy. Remember, sharing is caring. LOL!


We all know she doesn’t share, you just have to stake your claim and defend it.



Got it! I need to be more aggressive and less laid back about my cuties/hotties. Lesson learned. Be it known by all herein, I am officially staking my claim on Rowoon. So there!! Hahahaha!!
(Geez, kdrama already has about 479 cuties and hotties that she’s hoarding in her basement! She doesn’t need any more!)

Her grocery bill has GOT to be GINORMOUS!!!


I don’t care if she hoards them as long as I get access. :wink:


I believe it’s actually in a penthouse, but that’s a minor detail. :joy:



Xu Fang Zhou

Please Enlighten Me


Our 3rd ML in Long Ballad

Alen Fang

He is 28 @stardust2466_546
I guess we need to move his credentials


It’s a HUGE, shiny, luxurious penthouse she’s keepin them in… I’m pretty sure that’s where all the Badgers’ Production money went and we’re all broke now :flushed: It takes quite a lot to keep them all well-fed and happy!


I KNOW, RIGHT!!! The height difference was a lot and I really think it was painful sometimes…

I once watched a drama where the leads were hugging and they were doing alternate long and zoomed in shots… she came up to his chest in the long shots but magically, hear head was touching his chin in the close-up shots! :joy::joy:


Soompi gave Rowoon to me - didn’t you read earlier!!! I need more backup!!! LOL



As much as I love you I’m backing up @stardust2466_546 on this one, you have enough hotties, she can fight for one. lol


I get RENN back @stardust2466_546








He LOVES me!!! :smile:


That’s not what he told me this morning. LOL!

We met for breakfast. (Keeping the battle clean).