The beauty of being a fan of LUO YUNXI!

I am a recently turned ‘life-time fan’ of LUO YUNXI, obviously after watching TTEOTM and then LIS and others! What I have observed over the past few months is that - even his fans are kind to other actors/dramas and he makes his fans just concentrate on him rather than on other random negative stuff! That is the Power of his acting and talent…This is the beauty of LUO YUNXI!

He is where he is because of pure talent and abilities! TTEOTM even after so many months is a topic of discussion and I feel it is because of the complexity of the characters especially those played by LUO YUNXI - so many nuances and LUO YUNXI has carried them and enacted them superbly…This is the beauty of LUO YUNXI!

I sometimes feel and I maybe wrong that the comments especially the backlashing on LUO YUNXI is by fans of competing actors/dramas, which happens a lot but does not feel right. For e.g., I liked LBFAD also and I do not mind saying that though I am not a Dylan Wang & Esther Yu fan but I still enjoyed watching the drama and watching them and yet, it has not affected my admiration for LUO YUNXI! He makes his fans mature…This is the beauty of LUO YUNXI!

He is just too kind and humble towards his co-actors! He makes them the star… and he does it in a very honest and straightforward manner…This is the beauty of LUO YUNXI!

In what ways do you see the beauty of LUO YUNXI and being his fan?

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I think you are right when you say “he makes them the star”. I like him because he has talent and he can play the bad guy with the same softness as the good guy. He is transmitting all the feelings so smoothly, he is not boring me or agitate me. I watch the show with the same pleasure from the first episode until the last. He i transmitting a state of peace, I don’t know if I expressed myself but I like him. :slight_smile: :blush: :blush:

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Oh yes! You did express yourself really well…I totally get it when you say ‘he transmits a state of peace’…very important observation…he really does… I think that kind of makes him stand out…and makes you smile whenever you look at him…and makes him extremely likeable/loveable!
Thanks for reading and sharing your thoughts! :slightly_smiling_face: :smiling_face: :hugs:

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