The best kissing scenes in dramas?

What are some of your favorite kissing scenes ? (may contain spoilers)


From Nine: Nine time travel <3

I’m not saying is the best kissing scene, but after watching many k-dramas whit flat kissing scenes, this scene from Goong was the first I remember who didn’t look bad, at contrary.


I don’t have a problem with chaste kisses  when two place their lips against each other and freeze for 10 seconds , which is a K- drama marker … as long as it show some life, but 80% of them look bad.


I agree with you, must of the kdrma kisses look akward to me. BTW, this scene make watch again Goong!! :blush:

I know right! Most of the time, the lips are just touching aha = I don’t really call that a kiss. Goong’s kiss scene is, at least, realistic

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Hehe my love from the stars kiss


Queen in Hyun’s Man

Well and of course all kiss scenes of lee min ho :smiley:

There are many good ones in my opinion. I prefer when its not too much and when it’s not a “I am a girl I can’t move my lips” one.

which drama’s that gif from?

@alienluvah The first gif is from “The Innocent Man (aka Nice Guy)” with Song Joong Ki and Moon Chae Won!

Check out this recent blog post written about this topic! Did any of your favorites make the cut?

  • Heartless City’s kisses were sexy

  • Prosecutor Princess’s kiss was really passionate :stuck_out_tongue:
  • My Girl’s kiss was nice
  • All the kisses of Gong Yoo (Coffee Prince, Big, Finding Mr Destiny)
  • King 2 Hearts : the kiss in the kitchen


Oh god, i have so many that i love. But i’ll tell one that i’m sure noone remembers:

at 1:38

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Okay, so i had to send it!

Aigoo…So many breathtaking kiss scenes :’)


Always wanted to watch this drama but I don’t like to end up heartbroken and this looks sad :frowning:

I cannot remember Lee Min Ho having a good kissing scene, really.

The scene from Boys over flowers was terribly flat, those from Heirs were not the worst but neither good, because of his partner (Park Shin-hye) who looked stiff and very uncomfortable doing them. The scene from Faith showed lack of chemistry (much better was the final scene when they didn’t kissed, only her eyes meet his gaze) and those from Personal taste were a little awkward. In City Hunter we saw also a mediocre scene on the terrace, but not because of him, but because of his partner, who looked so … stupid with her eyes open and with that look on her face, awkward.

So, for me, Lee Min Ho didn’t had a good kissing scene till now, mediocre at best. You need two people with an emotional connection for a good kissing scene, is not enough to have him in that scene :smile:

the one on the roof in city hunter was good (on LMH’s part; we were talking about him first, not the girl)

honestly, I didn’t like her expression but I respect your opinion.

Well that’s of course your opinion and i get your point but I still like all of his kissing scenes :slight_smile: he needs a girl who can kiss that’s what I agree with lol
The kiss scene from faith was my favorite of him I also had in mind why he kissed her. But well that’s just me right ?

But this drama is very good ! It would be a pity to not see it just because of the end :stuck_out_tongue: And the end is sad but a little bit mysterious too :slight_smile:

Then let me ask like this haha does the end fit the story ? I mean do you know while watching that a happy end would be very unrealistic? You know what I mean ? :smiley:

I think the end fits the story and it’s more our love for the characters that could make us sad more that end itself that is pretty logical for me… I don’t know if I was clear :stuck_out_tongue: