The channel managers of a show don't respond to my mail

About 3 or 4 weeks ago I sent them a request to make me a Dutch mod, because I think I’m the only Dutch person subbing the series right now. And I just want to be able to lock the subs so I don’t need to worry about it. I also send a help request to Viki help channel but I haven’t got a response (yet). What should I do?

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Sometimes channel managers get inactive, especially if it’s an older drama.
Viki staff can put you into mod position, too, so I guess you just have to wait. I know that it seems like these days they don’t ever get back to you, the help center seems busy or something… But you will have to wait for the response from the help center, they can put you into the mod position :wink:

Sometimes as CMs, we forget messages. It has happened to me. I would send a reminder PM to the CM. Hope you get an answer. :slight_smile:

Alright, I try to wait a bit longer

I did sent a reminder, but they also haven’t respnded to that.

Make sure to get a screenshot of your original message to the CM. If it has been over a month, Viki can put you in the mod spot themselves. Good luck! :slight_smile:

I have a similar problem. I’ve sent a channel manager two PMs already and I know she’s active cuz I can see her contributions, but I get no response from her. Even if the answer is no or that she won’t add me to the team, I’d still would like to be notified. I don’t want to ask Viki to add me when it’s an active channel manager. The last time something like this happened, someone else just started subbing the drama out of nowhere, because they got no response from the CM, just like me.
What should I do?

I hear you. You probably don’t want to ruffle any feathers. Have you messaged him or her more than once? Sometimes, we do forget PMs. It has happened to me. If you have, is there any other moderator in the team that you know. Maybe they can help you talk to the CM.

Hope it works out for you.


Good advice to PM one of the moderators. Hopefully, it would work.
Thanks so much!!!
Have a great week

No problem. Hope that helps. Good luck! :slight_smile: