The Cravings 2 - Korean to English Closed! Thanks!

We need your help to get KOREAN-ENGLISH SUBBERS URGENTLY for the korean drama web “THE CRAVINGS 2”

Please help us this drama to be translated. Follow the channel:


Jae Young is aging, but her life doesn’t seem to get anywhere. Her love life, work-life, friendship, and family problems abound. She moves to a new neighborhood, meets a new but strange friend, changes her job, stumbles upon her ex’s new girlfriend, and finds that she fell ill on top of it all. Jae Young’s single life is full of unknown tastes that she’d never experienced before. Her hunger will be satiated with heartwarming foods on the table!

Thank you for your attention and your help!

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Hello perilousal!

I just sent you a PM to volunteer as a subber.

Looking forward to hearing from you!