The current situation with Kocowa

I thought I understood everything that’s going on but apparently not.

Are we able to sub Kocowa dramas now? As far as I’m aware, those shows came with English subs and couldn’t be translated into any other language. Just yesterday I was scrolling through the app and found a new Kocowa drama (Switch) with subs in multiple languages.

Am I missing something?

Well, there’s a team subbing Switch into English on Viki, so the subs aren’t provided.

It’s not just Switch though. I remember Radio Romance had a sub team, and it looks like the same for Tempted. They must have just been able to negotiate different rights for some of the series.

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Switch and Radio Romance got licensed for Europe, too. Tempted unfortunately not.


That they did.

I’m so annoyed… most Kdrama I wanted to watch and work on are restricted so I cannot watch them or work on them on Viki. It becomes harder to find projects I like to work on and I hope it doesn’t become any more worse than in is now. Instead I hope Viki will find a solution for this ‘problem’ because blocking QC’s from so much new content is not very nice.


So true…

On the other hand though, why would Viki give us access to translate a drama to X/Y/Z languages when people from those countries won’t be able to watch it, since Viki doesn’t own a licence?

Sucks for us but doesn’t really affect Non-QCs.

Who knows… Maybe Kocowa gets its head on straight, expands to Europe and collabs with Viki for free subtitling in exchange for licences. More money for Kocowa, more content for Viki and happier customers for both. Would be a win-win-win situation…


Not all of them. Only some.

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I wasn’t aware of this. That makes more sense :slight_smile:

I don’t think you’re missing out on this one, tbh. The 4 protagonists are all good looking but the plot seems to be lacking, and based on other people’s reviews, the acting it subpar as well.

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I’m watching Tempted elsewhere as I can’t watch on Viki and I like it so far… But yes Woo Do Hwan is not bad to look at and his voice :sweat_smile:


I was wondering… Did anyone come across a Kocowa drama that got a licence after it finished airing? (Like “Into the World Again” did.)

I’m watching this drama, too :slight_smile: and I like it.

Not sure how relevant my answer will be, but something of that kind happened with Bravo, My Life. For the first 18-20 episodes, I guess (I’m not too sure how many, though), it was only available in the Americas, but after that, it got licensed for Europe as well (and maybe for other regions, too), WHILE on air. So I don’t know, maybe there are other similar dramas, but it happened that i worked at this one, which is why I knew this;)

Okay, question; might be related, or not, 'cause at this point, I don’t know what happened, which is why I’m asking here, since it might have to do with the Kokowa domain: does anyone know what happened with Introvert Boss? Wasn’t it on Viki? Restricted, but there? 'Cause if it was, it’s not there anymore…:smiley:

There was a fan channel about it but it didn’t get the licence.
It was a tvN drama so nothing to do with Kocowa. :stuck_out_tongue:

So it didn’t pass, after all. tvN worked in a “Kokowa regime”, though, so it’s probably why I associated it with this :D. My interest in Viki has decreased tremendously lately, so I don’t check the content as often as before, since I know beforehand that I can see some of the desired dramas elsewhere, not here. It is why I didn’t pay attention to the fact it was a tvN production, since, as I said, tvN got us used to the exile even before Kokowa:)

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Everytime Viki asks Kocowa to licence a drama in Europe: