The Day Viki lost its "first" Position to the big R - New Design?

I can’t just say nothing. Few days ago a new design appeared on Discussions, today I feel lost with the New Design on main page, really?? Following points are disturbing to me:

  1. Logo: RRakuten VIKI :confused:
  2. TV Guide is not in dashboard, you have to find it under MORE, such an important Header Viki axt it
    for what purpose :scream:
  3. Discussions is now under MORE too… visiting daily… have to search it now…
  4. Why changing the colors and design of Dramas watched and Emails icons???
  5. The bottom too a complete redesign finishing with FC Barcelona and Rakuten this and Rakuten that…
    Who ever had all this idea for “the better look”, I can only wonder… must be the Rakuten management??

Every few months companies have the urge to change their page, I bet every change cost money,
just why they think it’s so beneficiary??

Viki, I and others are still waiting on the More Badges, it’s quite some time we have been asking…
is it somewhere shelved with dust?
So many other things were requested but NOT this, personally I feel this was unnecessary and was certainly time consuming and costly just to change something that was good before, change does not mean better!
And why Viki is now secondary ?:frowning:
Feel free to add your 2 cents.

UPDATES: Please read the links for explanation: AND


I kinda like the new design (the colors) and it’s only logical for a company to change the site frequently, the opposite would be bad marketing.

Since my language doesn’t even deserve a badge on Viki, and nothing of significance is changed for the better, I can’t be more disappointed, so why bother?

I don’t really care about Viki anymore. I’ve reached that stage.

I’m also a Barcelona fan. :slight_smile:


I’m going to be completely honest here. The RRakutenVIKI logo is annoying me. Most likely reason: all the changes in the last few years, where the community has been less and less asked, and more and more commanded things are now going to be in a certain way, all of these bad changes I have associated with Rakuten taking over Viki. Because the Viki Community has been reduced from people who actively participated in the way the site worked, to a thing, an entity that merely does the work (a computer, if you will).

And what does the initial “R” stand for if not Rakuten?! Because right now I’m reading it Rakuten-Rakuten-Viki. Or, perhaps more picturesquely: Me, Myself and Viki.


Maybe R for registered trademark? Usually it’s at the end of the logo though.

As for the visual changes they’re not that big from a casual visitor/watcher.

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It seems to be part of the logo. I guess they have registered R for short and R-Rakuten for long.

I think at some places the blue is too blue. Blue is my favorite color but this shade gives me a headache somehow. Specially the “compose” button in the inbox. Also I don’t think “Discussions” should be under “More” but under “Community” as it’s a community thing. I also want the TV guide back on the mainpage. There is still room for it n the white next to the logo and maybe the Discussions can be added in there too now I think about it.

And the R Rakuten is a logo thing, I see it at Kobo too. I think Rakuten want to have all their companies to have the same style in the end?


The new icons for email and dramas watched make the page looks like an old website too much white and black. And the last design of FC Barcelona what’s with that :unamused: I’m a RM fan :stuck_out_tongue_closed_eyes:

the only think i like from the new things is… that ist black… but the other things… -.-
the fc barca Thing is… bah… i love Soccer, but i dont want to see this stuff here…

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So glad to see I’m not the only one lost !
Oh, badges ! I feel like it’s been ages ! It was motivating me even more back then, lol !

The FC Barcelona sponsorship is one of their biggest investments, so it makes sense (from their perspective) that it has a presence on all their company sites. The deal went into effect today and it was reported to be worth $60 million a year. For the audience here it clashes but I’m sure it won’t be here permanently. But if you spend that much money, you do want to tell the world. Must say that they have good taste in football. :wink:

As far as the design, I’m not to impressed. It does seem to have an “old” feel like someone mentioned.


Haha, that’s great! :wink:

Before it was a red R

LOL I didn’t think, I would re-use this one. Sometimes I just want the grey and green design back, it was so gentle to the eyes.

I didn’t see the TV guide was lost, since I rarely use it. I usually just type into the searchbar where I want to go.I don’t see any Barca. I am blind to this my hometown team has red and white as their colors.

Okay, now I start to understand, then why not let barca run with a big fat R on the players’ chests.

I feel like a ping pong ball, on each page the positions are changing, Viki is spinning me round, round …
But if you really want to get blinded by the new logo, go to look at the blog

and even an introduction

Rakuten family - I can go with that
Rakuten’s ecosystem - What’s that? I only know one ecosystem of this planet and I am reluctant to call anything else an ecosystem, who doesn’t have anything in common with nature.
First, we adjusted our blue — it’s now brighter and more saturated - I would say it’s blinding, you look at it with your profi screen, my home screen is almost “shouting” at me.
The changes we have made here are cosmetic, … Then why not surprise us and do something from start to finish, why not for once say this is it.

And on another point I experience more and more that volunteers get less excited, while viki gets more excited.

Can anyone make a comment at the blog without using fb, twitter, or a google account, at least I can’t …
Disappointed …


1- You noticed it too ! Volunteers are less excited to work here and it seems to have less volunteers overall, no ?
2- Yep, sadly you need to use a social network account to make a comment on the blog. Sad and disappointing, indeed.

3- In the blog article, we can read : "The changes we have made here are cosmetic, but you can expect more innovations from us in the future. This is just the beginning!"
Honestly, that kind of scares me. Because, I only start contributing in 2015 but in the changes viki’s made since then, the only one that ever really helped me was the new shortcuts they added not long ago. Maybe there is more and I didn’t notice but for now it’s the only things that popped up in my mind. All the others changes that I can think of were cosmetic changes, like they say.
I also truly hope that behind the “more innovations to expect” there is plenty recent dramas from all over Asia included because I’m slowly giving up… :disappointed:


I’ve been with Viki since it first started.
What I’ve noticed is that Viki has become more and more thirsty for money as they made more and more ads on videos and made a lot of popular shows Viki pass only so people have to buy a viki pass and they raised the price of the viki pass as well over the years etc.

And there is the issue with not so popular dramas (some Cdramas) Viki isn’t going to get the licence since they only follow where there is money.

And Viki will endorse unknown dramas if the drama pays them to advertise (like with chicago typewriter).

Overall I think Viki has now become blinded with money ever since the website became popular unfortunately :frowning:
This is just my opinion and am sorry if it angers anyone.


If Viki got more $$$$$$ then Viki will get more drama for us, I believe Viki loses more dramas this year!

If they were actually getting more money it would be a consolation, they seem somewhere between desperate and unprepared, think a little kid with money for the family’s week’s groceries.

And the worst for me is the way they treat volunteers, it speaks volumes.

P.S. I don’t watch Chicago Typewriter, but the lead is A class now and the drama is supposed to be a hit.

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I find the new look ugly, it doesn’t suit the website content.

They will either upgrade Viki with cool and great innovations or kill it.

By the way, they made me laugh with that:

we switched “Viki” from lowercase to uppercase, signaling to everyone that “VIKI has grown up.”

Everyone knows it. Everyone except “Rakuten VIKI”.

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Lol, “switching viki to VIKI” ! I’m joining you in the laugh ! :laughing:
Now it’s not time to “signal” but “act like grown up” !

Same. It reminds me when they changed the video viewer on the website and it was all white and the screen smaller… :unamused:

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I think they chose Chicago Typewriter since Yoo Ah-in is popular now after winning the best actor awards for both the Throne and the Veteran at several different award ceremonies plus Six Flying Dragons is a popular show too among viewers… There are a few Chinese dramas I want to see like Ten Deadly Sins and Marriage Bible (Korean and Chinese drama) but I know that Marriage Bible has the 3 year ban on it so that may be why Viki can’t get some of those shows

Maybe the older among you remember what happened when Nissan took over Datsun. For a while, on the cars you saw “Datsun-Nissan” until people got used to the new name and then, after some time, it was only “Nissan”
Now even on the browser tab title, it’s Rakuten Viki. Does this mean that the name “viki” will eventually disappear?
Fortunately, in the inbox page, “Discussions” is at its old logical place.


I am a volunteer. Well now and then… I have just watched the TV-series for several years (starting with “Sunshine Angel” (starring Wu Chun & Rainie Yang) and helped subbing some series later on.
A couple of days ago I received an e-mail from Viki, that now I have to deliver so-and-so much subs on a regular basis to keep my volunteer status/Viki pass, or else…
I will no longer spend hours upon hours of my precious free-time to make other people (Rakuten) rich.
Viki and Rakuten exploit the enthusiasm of (predominantly) young, educated cosmopolitans from all over the world: let those gullible young folks do the work, and we skim the cream.

So sad.