The Estern Bunny Goes On An Eggciting Adventure


I’ve worked on another animated little story. Please enjoy!


@angelight313_168 I hope you’ll find it amusing and entertaining. Have a lovely weekend!

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@piranna For the kids and everyone who’s still young at heart.

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Thanks for sharing! Your cartoon has a good ending.

For the voice of the Naughty Coon, have you used auto voice? The accent is like French xd I was coughing while laughing.

Happy Easter :rabbit::hatching_chick: (quite late xd)

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He, he… After my previous project, I wanted to do something goofy. If you were laughing, then mission accomplished. :grin:
Thank you and Happy Easter. :rabbit::wave:

PS: Easter is celebrated a week later where I live.

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So cute. Enjoy your weekend too. THANK YOU for sharing it with us.

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