The Fiery Priest - Or what is the Standard?

What is what?
I know, I experienced it before there was a channel and it would bring episode after episode and then “Bang” :poop: Out of nowhere, this content is no longer available in your region.
Now it’s this channel The Fiery Priest was accessible for me, either license/QC status, I don’t know, but I could have watched it. I decided to wait till it’s almost done. Good choice it seems.
Now it’s not available to me
But there is a new “badge” at the channel icon stating “Standard” and sometimes “Standard Free Episodes”

It feels for me like always, I am looking high and low at Viki and do not find any information.
As a QC I have a Viki Pass Standard
But is that Standard the same as the other, because, if I open the channel The Fiery Priest

One will see restricted access …
Am I just living on the wrong planet? Or will Viki apologize once again, because there was a mistake and the channel wasn’t supposed to have that Standard Banner anyway?

Viki always manages to confuse me.


This is nothing new, I’m sure you already know that:
When a drama is available Viki Standard users, it means “provided they are in the licensed region”. If there is no license for your region, what kind of Pass you have is unrelevant.

For SOME shows, QC overrides the license problem. For many it doesn’t. We used to be able to watch the majority of them, now the non-viewable have become much more. But you also know that very well.

I would actually like to see similar types of labels, but with both the subscription status and regional settings included.

I am sorry, if I see a channel labeled with Standard Pass Free Episodes I expect, that I can watch it actually. I do not expect that it is a dead end.
At that point I am like any other “customer”. Btw … what happened to the “keys”?
LOL and I copied this post at the support, bugs and issues and guess what - I got a note that it will be moderated before it will be published. Will I ever put a post there again :question:

wow! you mean its off?
I did watch the last episode in time then. this one was so funny, loved the twists & turns
, like I said earlier, another father brown, and if you don’t know who that is, its a series that shows a priest delving into mysteries & solving them much to the police cihiefs anger.
anyway I would love to see more like this. I don’t think this is being sacrilidge of our faith esp. catholics. wasn’t made a joke(?) the actors were awesome! can’t praise it high enough. are we living on the wrong planet, I wonder too
so why even bother having a pass for this, even the “are you human” is restricted, and just a year olds?

is it cause not enough people watching these dramas why they do this or do they do it randomly? theres some old dramas now,
well enough said, I think I am beginning to question them, and debating with myself is it worth the headache. sth stay ot get off?

other than losing licenses , and banning(restricted) why do they do this?