The Fox Fairy - Friday, Feb 25 at 5 PM MT


The Fox Fairy is such a CUTE fairy romp. She is so naughty and innocent at the same time. It is only 6 episodes of about 20 minutes each so 2 hours and DONE! (Before Ghost Doctor)


Link -

@everyone (They only let us post 8 notifications)


I’ll join if I can. Not sure how to. Just joined the discussion forums. Cool :slight_smile:


The watch party links only last 24 hours so I will post it tomorrow afternoon right here in this thread. Just click the link and Join the Watch party! It’s that easy. :nerd_face:

We have a lot of fun in our parties PROVIDED people talk! It was so boring running Uncle! The last 2 parties were full but no one talked at all. So WHY have a watch party? I quit running that one to watch it on my own, sitting in a comfy chair rather than at my computer desk.


Looking forward to it. I have been a plus subscriber for years now, but only just learned about this whole community thing. Way cool :star_struck: Thank you!


I should be able to join because my exams are over!! Cant wait to get back to WPs!


I’ll join this WP :slight_smile:


I guess the partiers were “shy” or perhaps felt good just “being” in the company of more than one. :sunglasses:


Maybe everyone needs some time till they get used to each other and then start jabbering so much that we dont watch the drama and have to have breaks in between episodes just so we can talk about tea and lunch and volunteering :joy::joy:

Or maybe the WP shows should be less thrilling/action packed and more slapstick/funny… idk


I am going to do MY best to be there! I do miss these WP but they are on so late for me, I’d love to participate more, but the timing is my thing


Oh this looks so cute. I’ll definitely join if I don’t feel so icky by the time it’s the watch party. I got the booster shot on a few days ago and my body hates it, but at least I’m feeling way better today.


What’s your time zone?


Hello Peeps!

The Fox Fairy Wp is UP! Grab your seat! The show starts at 7 PM ET / 6 PM CT / 5 PM MT / 4 PM PT


@frustratedwriter - 7 PM ET

and everyone who is interested


I’m going to TRY to be there, but I can’t make any promises.


I think I can make it for this one. Hopefully I don’t forget lol


@frustratedwriter 7 PM EASTERN TIME is the same as 5 PM Mountain Time
It’s on in just a few minutes



Sorry! I’m watching a live news at the moment. Didn’t know the current news I’m following was going live at this time.

A Thai actress has been missing from a drowning and I’ve been following this news very closely. :cry:


I am so sorry I missed it.