The Glory of Tang Dynasty Fan Channel is Up! Please help us get a license. :)

Today I have the pleasure of announcing the fan channel for this currently-airing Chinese drama has gone public, meaning we may have a chance to get this one.

Here is the link:

We have a 15 minute trailer there, but because of the restrictions on fan channels we cannot sub it for you at this time, most sorry for that part.

Please have a look and if you would like to see us get this drama and sub it for the world to see, give us your "follow’ and your license forms to help. :slight_smile:

In addition, if you are an experienced historical drama volunteer, please PM me for positions which will become available.

Thank you for reading this notice and please lend us your help. :slight_smile:



I read good reviews about this drama. Any idea if Viki plans to license it?

Well, all I know is the Fan Channel I have for it went live the other day - so I guess we will find out :).

We have a form up, a 15-minute trailer (!) and other things on the page for the drama, so please do visit and if you wish, follow and license form the drama. :slight_smile:

Right now I have a few good dramas all hoping for licenses - another one is The Advisors Alliance - there’s another trailer there, you do need to scroll down the comments area since we cannot post videos where they would normally be posted on the channels ahead of licensing now. :slight_smile: Rule the World is also getting some interest, and Lost Love in Times - I don’t have as much on the last two, they are not done filming yet!

So we will find out - Glory of the Tang Dynasty did already start to air on 1/29 so I hope we will find out soon! Just in case we get the license, we are definitely recruiting a Team! :slight_smile:

Thank you for your support of this drama :).


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Just wondering, what happened to the fan channel of the glory of tang dynasty?

Gone. Erased in the Great Deletion II, the Final Chapter.

Viki won’t purchase it??

I love it. I hope one day they will bring it to us :heart:


And this is the opening song :revolving_hearts:

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Look, the overlords took down all those fan channels, and they gave back very few of the pending that we lost there. Now - well, we have a bunch of pending but are getting things that we didn’t ask for - and not our pending in many cases. It’s a mystery box as to what we get and when we get it.

I had both Glory 1 and 2 fan channels, but I think the odds of getting these have greatly diminished, as the overlords have not reissued the channels. I have Rule the World and Win the World (with BJW) back again - but no guarantee of getting those either.

So while yes, I wanted these dramas, and we would have enjoyed subbing them, there’s little that can be done if they videos are not licensed.

We are all in the same boat, we’ll have to watch them somewhere else. That goes for a few more like well, I had Advisor’s Alliance, right? And there was a Tribes and Empires fan channel with GWTS around here for YEARS…before that too got wiped out in the Great Deletion 2, the Final Chapter.

We can only sub here what we receive, and so that’s pretty much it. We put in a great many license requests for this pair of dramas, but did not get them. That’s all there is to it.

Crouching Dieter, Hidden Donut

please support this Drama. Thanks VIKI…

Yes my name is cream puff I have already finished adding subtitles to all episodes of the glory of tang dynasty please help me to get a liscence so that i can upload all the episodes on youtube here is a link to youtube channel here is a link to my youtube channel

Don’t forget to switch English captions on
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Video unavailable…:cry:

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