The Great Shaman Ga Doo Shim Discussion


I think I’m doing that, too. It’s getting me so anxious, and this episode is one of the worse one to wait a whole week for to see the outcome. It’s so good though.

Are you still doing segs/subs in ASC?


Yes. I still seg and sub there. (I think I am insane :crazy_face:) I do some subs but most of my time is busy segging. Currently, I am the only consistent segger on that show. All episodes from 427 to 487 are now segged and getting subbed. :sunglasses: We could use help from any Korean/English subbers out there.

It’s a crazy show to seg though, the way everyone always talks over each other. It’s very difficult to cut the segments since the voices overlap each other. Segging that show breaks so many segmenting rules. :thinking: :grin:

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I had a Spanish drama that was like that so back in the day I decided to ignore the response of the rude one that interrupted mid sentence and use the two sentence that made sense together. I think is the best approach.

[spoiler]You are lucky that the one that ‘‘made believe he knew English’’ left. That guy was faking he knew English; he was really bad, and he should have never been in that show. Instead of getting MC’s that are singers (aspiring) idols etc. they should get regular people as MC. But of course, ppl that are proficient in English bc they are the ones obstructing the flow of the show (the ones that struggle getting the words out of their mouth bc their English is not that good at all)

The girl knows good English, but she is too busy promoting herself; so she’s not really committed to that show. They should have regular ppl. that know good English helping to get that show making some sense. Some of the fans were in more control, and their English was great Also they must make a rule not to talk over each other. WAIT until the other person stop; then, they start talking. What’s so hard about that?

I think if is possible make longer segments instead of trying to ‘‘fit in’’ three sentence in a short segment. I believe it was 3 to 6 seconds long? I saw that the issue could be fixed, but it has to be done by experts working segmenting for many years that they know how to work around this kind of situation.

PS. I admire you for staying there, and trying so hard. I know it can’t be easy for you that just starting to segment to have such a complicated project.



Episode 8 is out already. Really a cliffhanger.


I put this in a summary because this is the Great Shaman thread and I don’t want to hijack it for ASC. I have pretty good experience with segmenting already. I am up to 34,000+ segments and 13,000+ subtitles and counting. And I get to practice listening to everyday spoken Korean so my vocabulary is picking up.


There is a character limitation for each segment so they can’t be too wordy. And a rule that there are only 2 speakers maximum per segment. (Unfortunately, that gets broken a lot.) That is what makes it almost impossible to cut. There are often 2 or more people all talking at once and their sentences overlap each other so there is no clear place to cut. Plus they frequently switch between Korean and English mid-sentence. So I try to keep each language in its own segment so the subbers have an easier time translating.

The show does have some subtitles but their translator leaves a whole bunch out just because of the chaos. :grin:

Oh! Heejun left last week. Beongkwan from A.C.E. is his replacement. He is much more sedate and clear-spoken. This week’s episode is much easier to segment.


You are also working in the Great Shaman Ga Doo Shim, right?

I still think it’s unfair that you are the only one constantly segmenting there (when they decide to finally release/open episodes), and so much work is needed in that project bc is not like is catching up already, and episodes are fully completed already. I hope more experienced segmenters come forward and help you out to start keeping the episodes up to date segged and subbed for viewers to enjoy. It makes no sense that such a huge project has such small team working there. there was another segmenter: She left? that’s all you needed.

PS. I know all the rules of segmenting, but I also know there are ways to resolve segmenting issues, if the team in the projects unite together, and try hard enough to make things work out.


Yes, I am but it’s so short that there are only 2 parts to segment. It’s an 8 PM show in Korea. It drops Friday at 5 am my time and we are done by 5:30 am so I have to wake up early to get it done quickly. Then the translators get to work. The rough English translation is usually ready by 6:30-7:00 am. It takes a while to get it perfected and quality checked before it is passed to other languages. But we have a very fast team cranking out the episodes. :sunglasses:



Our other segmenter is very ill and unable to work at this time. MSV, our Spanish moderator can segment but she acts as the QC revisor. Together we crank out 3 episodes a week (18 parts) so the translation teams can get to work. We are always looking for help. We finally have a TE. Our problem is we need additional segmenters and also Korean/English subbers. I can subtitle some Korean but I am not fluent. The Korean language subbers we have only come in once and a while when they aren’t working on other projects.

The real issue with the team is that it is a difficult project to work on and people would rather work on regular dramas than a noisy chaotic variety show. I work there because I like kpop and all that boisterous noise reminds me of when my son and all his friends would invade our house for the weekend. :grin:


Just finished watching episodes 5 and 6. I do know acting in a horror series isn’t easy. One needs to change expressions really quickly. But, my goodnessssss! The ML’s friend is such a great actor. I don’t even have words to describe how good he is.

He started crying in seconds in episode 5, changed expressions so quickly, as if he is actually missing his dad. Then, during the scene when the spirit was inside him, he was soooo good!

Also, the homeroom teacher is such a great actor. Just within a 30 or so seconds long scene, he showcased his brilliant acting skills!!


I agree, Yoon Jung Hoon is so good, I hadn’t fully appreciated him until his character was possessed, I was blown away. Sadly he seems to be unappreciated, only having supporting role, he’s obviously capable of so much more.


Seriously the fact that almost no one values the bottom rated student irritates me so much. It’s no big deal if they die? smh
Ep 10 When the principal says ‘Who do you think is a better teacher? Is it you who wastes time on students who don’t study or who can’t score well even if they study? Or is it the evil spirit who makes the students study very well on their own.’ So when all the kids with normal brains start studying and doing well on tests it’s going to be the kids with neurodiversity’s that get killed, many of the things we use and value today were invented by people with some sort of neurodiversity. It’s shortsighted to only value book smarts.


Like everything in life; when it comes to Asian dramas/movies I often wonder if the writer’s brain is really at a FULL functional level.

In GREAT Shaman GA Doo Shim, there are so many flaws that the reason I’m mainly watching and not dropping it is bc those two young ML/FL actors; that are playing their role so well, that I overlook the ridiculousness of the ‘‘story plot’’

The Producers/Directors were smart enough to make a short bc they knew otherwise viewers wouldn’t be too happy about the things that make Absolutely no SENSE in the drama.

If I knew a school has a high rate suicide betwwen students, you can PAY ME A MILLION DOLLAR, and my kids will not go there. ALL the money in the world can’t replace my child, please…


I know, my kids would be pulled out of there so fast their heads would spin. My youngest with dyslexia, would be so anxious, she actually gets pretty good grades, but it would put her brain in panic mode and she wouldn’t be able to concentrate.

(I changed can to can’t in my quote, because I know that’s what you meant)


I wouldn’t want to go to such a school either. But since, you know, it’s South Korea, where schools are open till 1 AM solely for the kids to study, I guess this situation isn’t unreal.

And just as explained in the drama, the principal puts the responsibility on the family for having an unhealthy relationship or something something . If it was some other country, even the premise of the show would change or the story might cease to exist.

In Korea, students suicide due to peer pressure or pressure from school almost everyday, which doesn’t affect Koreans and their governments at all. Even tragic accidents like Sewol Ferry are not highlighted by their own government, so existence of such a story is possible in Korea.



Yes, that is why I keep watching the show although some stuff don’t make a lot of sense to me bc Asian culture is different from our culture regarding education. Education to us for our children; is so they can get a good paying job, and be able to be independent, and enjoy their life travelling and doing the stuff they like.

When I saw a SK documentary of a 14 year old boy getting home at 10 pm from 6am in the morning that he got up to get ready (he didn’t eat), I was totally horrified. Since he was a boy he got home by himself, but there was a girl that was picked up by the mom.

I FINALLY understood why they put so much pressure to this poor kids, and is because the competition to get into a good University (especially in SK) is so fierce. Let’s say that getting the highest grades and being the top students, is the only way they can be able to achieve going to the best renowned University in SK, and that is what opens doors to get better paying jobs, and a better quality of life.

In this documentary some parents always mentioned that at one point in their ‘‘kids’’ life, the son/daughter would have to take care of them; when the parents got old. To put such a burden on a child that didn’t asked to be brought into this world, seemed so selfish to me on their part.

To make matters worse, after all those endless hours out there, when they got home instead of eating, taking a bath, and going to bed, they had some chores they had to do, mandated by both parents. So at least, by 12 midnight, it was then, when they finally could go into their room to sleep.

I stopped watching Documentaries because is even more painful to watch the kid’s struggles, and the indifference of the parents. I didn’t see any affection or heard praises to them, and (imo), that was the least that they should have done.:cry::cry::cry:


Ep 11 - Wow, the principal has lost his mind, he’s worked so hard for the good image of the school? How is the last rank student killing themselves after every test a good image? Yes, I understand that the students from the worst school are doing better, but shouldn’t continual suicides be a bad image? Ugh, I hate this show. I love it, but I hate it. lol

I miss Il Nam and Hyun Soo (the blond guy.)


JUST finished Episode 12, and I hope they make a series of them as a couple fighting evil spirits in schools, Colleges etc. It was hinted they might live together. They should make MORE short series like this one.