The Great Shaman Ga Doo Shim Discussion


I haven’t seen a topic for this drama yet, I can’t be the only one who wants to rave about this drama… Remember not everyone will be up to date so try to keep spoilers in the blur.

The Great Shaman Ga Doo Shim


I’ve loved watching Nam Da Reum grow as an actor,and think he’s doing amazing in this drama, when did his voice get so deep? I guess I need to catch up on a few of his more recent projects.

The other actors & actresses are doing great too. Ep 7 when Kim Il Nam was possessed, I was blown away,
I know that Yoon Jung Hoon (playing Il Nam) is older than Nam Da Reum & Kim Sae Ron but I’ve only seen him in supporting or guest roles, I hope to see more of him in the future.

Then at the end of ep 7 when Woo Soo grabbed Doo Shim’s hand, I just about melted.


Me too. I got goosebumps when his friend jumped
And the fact that after every episode there is a cliffhanger
OMG I can’t wait for ep 8


Oh yea. I am watching that show!

I help segment that show. We get up at 5 am (Mountain Time) - that’s when the show drops in Korea (8 PM there). The team gets the show segmented in less than an hour. It gets QC’d and the English subs are usually done by 7 am. Then the TE, GE, CE, etc. fix the translations and it goes to other languages. So the team is working very fast to get it out.

Look at the Behind the scenes and trailers. We are translating those too.

Hmm. Speculation has to be in a spoiler… How do you think Nam Da Reum will learn about his abilities? There isn’t really a ‘school’ for him to learn. And, What kind of deal did that principle make with that demon?


Thank you for your quick work. :slight_smile:

True, there’s nowhere for him to learn, last episode he tried to do the same binding spell as Ga Doo Shim, I guess they’ll have to figure it out together.

I’ve also been wondering what sort of deal the principal made. Usually when there’s a deal made with a demon the person is rich and powerful, he’s a high school principal, not to disparage being a principal, but aren’t the people who use demons usually CEOs, lawyers, or high ranking government officials. Why a high school? Maybe he actually believes that he’s doing good for the country by making kids study hard.


It’s not just me, It’s the whole team getting that show out in record time. It is not pre-subbed.

Because…. He wants his school to be the top rank and is forcing all the unable to compete students to die. That is forcing his school’s total grad results to the top of the nation. So, yea, he is a demon himself for killing students for his own gain.


I was hoping more of the team would stop by the discussion and see it. :slight_smile:


I love this short drama so much that it feels is just 5 minutes long bc it goes by so fast.

I LOVE the fact that young people are used to portray people with abilities to fight and protect against evil entities. This things happen in real life although is hard to believe so I’m glad I don’t have to see an older shaman doing all the work (if anything it seems the mother has no abilities whatsoever).

I am Dying to know what the Principal gains for using this evil entity, but what makes no sense to me; what Parent in their right mind would send their child to a school with a history of so many suicides? That was a bit too much for me…but I love the ML/FL chemistry and how natural their acting is; both born to be a STAR.

Hope to see them together in another drama with other themes. I would love to see a teen pregnancy, and they as couple facing this issues and conflicts from surrounding strict adults. It could be to help teenagers with similar situations how to cope with teen pregnancy and so on…


I don’t think most of them come here. Let me go look at the team names… looking
Yea, I don’t think you’ll see them here. There are only 1 or 2 who come here rarely.

Should my comment below be in a spoiler?

I don’t think the mom has any abilities other than scamming. Well, she may have a little bit of ability… Not really sure about her though. However, she is very fast at grasping potential jobs.




So then, you should have not quoted what I wrote if is a spoiler, for everyone to see. I can’t blur it now since if I blur my post they will see it in your post.

Don’t quote what you consider a ‘‘spoiler’’ just let the person know (although I see no big deal or spoiler in saying a person has no abilities).

The main characters are the young kids, and anything we say about them, would be a Big Fat Spoiler. I’ve been watching this short drama way before it started here and I didn’t mention anything bc of that; avoiding spoilers even blurred out bc that will still spoil the future viewers of the short drama.

PS I need to add the special effects on this short drama are just SO perfect!!!


Ooo! I didn’t see that it revealed your spoiler. Sorry! I’ll fix it.

Thanks for notifying me. I fixed it.


image Should this be in a spoiler?

I blurred out what you consider I wrote to be a spoiler. I also blurred other stuff you/others might consider to be a spoiler. So thanks for letting me know bc what I don’t consider a spoiler, can feel is a spoiler to others.

image Should my comment below be in a spoiler?

You had blurred your comment already from the beginning; why you added this?

The drama is so short and so good; I would NEVER purposely give out spoilers since it would ruin the magic it has: great chemistry, great story plot, and just a shame is so short!:sob::sob::sob:


I just finished ep7 wow! awesome reminds me of two K dramas, but its still a good watch!!


which 2 dramas?


one on NF which the highschool kid and the others take away the bad spirits, don’t recall the name at the moment. also sell your house?? the one on NF which David Tennant plays in it. this one isn’t Korean, but so funny!


I was just asking myself if I should put my response in a spoiler. That’s all it was.


I love your cute little avatar angel! Suits you so well, so cute!

I saw the non korean one, I didn’t like it one bit. I couldn’t pass episode 1. I also couldn’t pass first episode of [Sell your hunted house?] It looked so much like Uncanny Encounter? It was too similar different actors/actress only.

So hopefully we see this cute kids in another drama soon since they did a fantastic job in [The Great Shaman Ga Doo Shim]


Yeah thats it Uncanny encounter, don’t know why I just not able to remember the title. these kids were awesome! also thankyou for the compliment, thought it was time to get out of “Atlantis”


Just finished episode 8, and found out there are 12 episodes in all. I call this torture; waiting one week for 20 minute episode, that almost 3 minutes are from the previous episode. I’m so getting annoyed, and I’m not the only one bc a lot of ppl. in the comment section are pulling their hair from frustration. lol


This is why I wait and binge watch. :sunglasses: