The Heirs/The Inheritors

Comments and discussion for people watching The Heirs/The Inheritors. Starring: Lee Min-Ho, Park Shin-Hye, Kim Woo-Bin, Kang Min-Hyuk, and Choi Jin-Hyuk.

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Lee min ho looks so good!!
I adore his new hairstyle!.


I really liked his hair in Faith. LOL!


Heey , I can not watch the heirs , I Don’t know Why

If you live in the Americas and you’re not a QC, then I’m sorry to let you know that the license for the Americas was revoked. Something to do with DF having the rights. :frowning:

Heirs is licensed for Europe and QCs. So if you’re not a QC or in Europe, you’re not watching it on Viki, at least not any time soon.

It’s not my favorite work of Lee Min Ho, because it seems a little bit of Boys Over Flowers, but I’m still liking to see him working again and talking more in “funny english”, it’s cute :slight_smile:

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I like this show. I’m a Gossip Girl fan so I had a feeling I would love it :). I wish I could watch it on Viki though :frowning:

Hey my name putri from indonesia, i can’t watch heirs :clock9:

you need to become a QC in order to watch it.

I’m loving this drama! I just finished City Hunter so the timing was just right!

I just discovered the “timed comments”. After I watched Episode 4 of The Heirs, I watched it again with the timed comments turned on. I never laughed so hard! I think I’ll go back and watch the first three with the comments turned on.

Haha timed comments are the most important and great thing in viki i think,
watching dramas is not at all the same without them since viki anymore.

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Actually, the license wasn’t revoked, they just couldn’t get it because another site paid for exclusive rights for the Americas. If you’re outside of the Americas you can watch it on Viki, otherwise, you need to become a QC. I’m a QC. It only took me about a month to write 3,000 subtitles to become a QC. If any of you speak more than one language, volunteer for a project. And actually, you don’t even need to speak multiple languages. If there is a project in your native language, volunteer to do the initial subs for that language. The subtitles can’t be translated until a video is subbed in its native language first.

If i may add. Even if somebody can’t speak multiple languages they can still segment, segmenting is the most important part of projects.

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I totally agree. Segmenters are the real heroes. We wouldn’t be able to sub without them!

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I love all the actors in it .Lee Min-Ho is in my top 5 favorite actor he might even be my favorite. Park Shin-Hye is one of my favorite actresses. With these actors and the rest of the cast how can anyone not like heirs.


At the end of Episode 8 are the previews for Episode 9. After seeing the previews, I think I might die of anticipation…

At the end of episode 8. . . that hug. warms me