The Human Experience is now a movie. Obvs a Korean movie. :-)

My inner cheapskate has been screaming, “Do it! Spend the $3.99 to rent the movie!” since running across the YouTube preview of Minari yesterday. How I could miss this I do not know since I watch YouTube as much as I watch Viki.

Does anyone have a quick review? Does anyone know if it will be available at some point on Viki? If it will be available, I can wait and use the $3.99 rental fee on cup noodles from Price Rite, the grocery store two blocks from my house. (I need to shop for snacks.)

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the thing is, Minari is classified as an American movie, so I’m not sure it will make it here :sweat:


Well, then I have to spend the $3.99 to rent it on YouTube so I can dish about it. Because the previews and reviews sound amazing.


Ha! Minari is here! But it’s $5.99 for rent.

So that $3.99 on YT was A :sparkles::wink::ok_hand:t5: :joy:

The acclaimed Minari
Available in English subs

And as for me, now I understand renting on Viki.
Yet, I’ll never get use to these delays in posting.
It’s not like there weren’t tools already in place for moderating. Now every little thing is swallowed up by these e-bots, until released after analysis.

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It :exploding_head:mind blowingly did!!! :confetti_ball::tada::sparkler::fireworks::confetti_ball::confetti_ball::tada::joy:

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I KNOW!!! I’m so surprised and excited! I’ll probably watch it with the fam this weekend

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I shared this on my WhatsApp too, I’ll see if anyone wants to catch it at that price.

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Well, obvs “Viki-zilla” woke from its slumber and engulfed one more helpless motion picture . . .

(Startpage screen cap)

But good to know someone, er, something is paying attention.


(from Wikipedia re: Disney’s Big Hero Six, 2014)