The Joseon Gunman: First Impression


Which is you first impression about The Joseon Gunman?
Because I don’t know why but after the first episode I don’t think this drama will be better than Lee Joon Gi previous drama Two weeks, which was indeed an outstanding drama from start to finish.


oooh, Im glad you posted this! I tried the first episode and I thought it was pretty sweet. I mean its a story about a real figure in korean history wielding the first breech loading gun in the nation who uses it assassinate the very facilitators of change and modernization for those against it. The irony…

If you liked the first episode, you will prolly like the second, then the third…Idk if youre a hardcore korean historical drama fan but they all have a pretty solid minimal standard.


Does viki sub it? I haven’t seen it, wear did you watch it?


Viki has no license yet but I’m keeping my fingers crossed.

My first impression of this Kdrama is good. I was hoping it would be as good as LJK’s Iljimae and so far it is in my opnion. I’m glad it is because I simply can’t get myself to complete Arang and the Magistrate while I reall like Lee Jun Ki as an actor :slight_smile:


I saw the first 2 episodes on, because on viki I can’t see it from my country.


I though it will be similar with The Princess’ man, but it isn’t. The Princess’ Man was such an amazing drama.
I wasn’t impressed with the first two episodes of Joseon Gunman, they were not bad, just ok. The story got ridiculous and exaggerated at times. ( ex: when she hid her pistol). I like it has a high-speed action, though


i didn’t think i’d like it, but was surprised. i’m glad i watched it.


Is this drama making a comeback?