The K-Drama Korean I learned and used

How useful is it to watch k-dramas? Well, other than the entertainment today I volunteered to take a picture for two Korean tourists here in California; count 1-2-3 in Korean; and tell them they are pretty. Had a chat about the current dramas, in English and we called each other ajummas, but pointed out that I could be a halmony. In the end, they took pictures with me to show back home and we bought each other a glass of wine. No, none of us barfed or had to be carried piggy back.

Cross cultural understanding and communication via my entertainment. How cool is that? A year ago I knew nothing about Korea other than some foods and the war history.


I understand you! I have known the Korean culture for a while now (my initiation was K-Pop who led me to K-Dramas).

One of my friends took me to this really good restaurant where the owner is this cute ahjumma. I became a regular so she greets me everytime and we have small talk. She introduce me to some of her friends and family, and also led me to someone with whom I could practice, as I’m learning Korean. She perfectly understand the english but sometimes strugles to find the words to express herself. If I am in the restaurant, she asks for my “translation services” with some of the clients. Don’t have to say how awesome it feels!

Also, as I’m a Chef, if she needs help with large groups of costumers she always gives me a call. I cannot explain how marvelous it is to learn Korean Cuisine from her! ^^


Human connections are so amazing. Good for you.

Also, the k-dramas were an entry into literature and Korean poetry.