The King's Avatar lost the license

Hi, there!
The King’s Avatar lost the license, I lost patience. What about you all? I would like to know EXACTLY how come yesterday it was fine and now we lost it. And it’s not the first time. Lately Love and Destiny shared the same fate.
We work for free but we can always go on strike. Let’s see who will translate your dramas, dear Viki!


I thought I remembered wrong when I checked the channel page, but I guess the license is really gone.
I’m sorry to the team who worked so hard to set things up.
I imagine Viki’s staff worked hard trying to get this too, too bad they haven’t offered an explanation.


I was excited for a second… Then I read it’s an “e-sports dramas.” Does anyone here even know what “e-sports” even is, let alone follow them?!

Sure…it’s quite cool and the way the drama appears looks close to reality. Contrary to Europe and maybe USA eSports is well-known and more accepted in Asia. SKorea usually broadcasts eSports like we Westerners only broadcast sports like soccer. Some eSport Pros are famous and popular, same with the teams. There are also live events - world wide. Some players earn a lot throughit even though it may be less than that what soccer stars earn.


HI Shifu. I finally manage to find you here.
I don’t know how Viki community is reacting lately about all those drama that have been ‘lost’ (for any reason), but I am feeling quite deserted.

I know, we are part of a great community but as a volunteer I am very disappointed for not been taken in consideration as part of the audience.

We all work to improve this amazing website, but today is King’s Avatar and tomorrow might be the eventual third drama of the Nirvana series. I would be devastated.

We all need to understand what is going on.

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Thank you very much! But is the Viki Community into such dramas? Pretty flower boys, I understand, but these e-sports? Personally, I don’t even like soccer.

I think Yang Yang actor is a pretty flower boy, but that’s my opinion. I think you speak about romance, right? Everyone does not like lovey-dovey fantasy and dreamy romances. And even if you like them, you can also like other genres. We also love action, justice and mystery dramas. We love comedy dramas and historical dramas, and many other things. Then yes, we can love e-sports dramas, without a single romance there or other genres, just e-sports and gaming. Know that King’s avatar animation and novel were really famous, all around the world. Plus, I’m sure a large majority of viki community have discovered korean and chinese dramas starting with mangas and Japanese anime that also use this kind of theme, such as esport. Do you know how many mangas are sold around the world each day? Mangas that have no ounces of romance inside or pretty flower boys. Well, they makes manga about wine, or basket now. Yes, millions copies are sold every year. So the answer to yours questions is yes. And I personally love soccer.

We are really disappointed by this lost license. I’m truly sorry guys!


First was My Poseidon, then Love & Destiny and now this.
I feel so sorry for the translation team. Very disappointed Viki. :rage:

No one knows why dramas got cancelled. I mean Love & Destiny is some kind of “blockbuster” and got cancelled too.

So I doubt King’s Avatar got cancelled because of the gaming aspect.

It would be nice if we get at least some kind of explanation. If the drama really had a licence or just a maybe since how it seems now even when a drama has a channel and a coming soon label it doesn’t mean it will be really aired here.

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Hi, noob here but also a huge tka fan! I was really looking forward to viki’s subs, especially since the “official” wetv subs are…well…terrible. this thread is the only place i found announcing that viki could no longer sub tka; is this the final verdict? Is there any other source to double check? I just really want to make sure before spreading the news to other tka fans, thanks for understanding!

I also don’t know if this is the right place to ask, but will viki still be allowed to upload the raws? Thanks again everyone.

Viki always uploads the raws. Then the volunteer community takes care of the translation. Usually the license covers both the right to upload the raw and the right to translate, otherwise it would make no sense - since many/most of Viki’s customers are international fans and not only Korean/Chinese/Taiwanese.


K Livestream:

and the Chinese one for the same game since summer finals should come (often there are finals in winter and summer):

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No need to be sorry, it’s not your fault!

It takes two hands to clap, so who knows what happened? I don’t blame Viki, that they didn’t get the license. To announce this drama on Coming Soon and be forced to take it off, is a huge loss, even in reputation, so I think, there must be serious reasons.


Oh, interesting! Wait, doesn’t Go Go Squid! feature e-sports too?

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I’m not into video games, I started watching cause of the guy, not sure I even want to finish it (go go squad) thought it would be a good one"if i am into video games" which I’m not.

Hey there! E-sports right now are popular in America and they’re bigger in Korea and China. It is a fact that they are as popular as basketball with teenagers right now!


Netflix bought this drama. Viki, just say it: “We cannot afford to buy its license.” We can take it, but don’t lie to us with a stupid excuse, because the truth is easily discovered. Thank you.

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I thought that this was the reason. I assume Netflix will buy (more) Chinese blockbusters since they’re rising in popularity. In a way that has some advantages as well.

I just started watching it on Netflix, looks interesting!