The Legendary Life Of Queen Lau - EP 18 Tonight! 7:30 PM MT


Join us every Wednesday night for the Legendary Life of Queen Lau! It is funny.

9:30 PM ET, 8:30 PM CT, 7:30 PM MT, 6:30 PM PT
Grab your seat early! This one appears on the home page!

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Hi @porkypine90_261!
I am unable to make the watch party, but I’d already rang the bell on this show. It’s in my following awaiting binge watching. I also think. . .


This is a funny show indeed, the main leads are 2 of kinds and the Chancellor is another pickle :rofl: Their thoughts (assuming) are the most entertaining!! :laughing: Have fun!!


I thought it was going to be an extroverted kind of comedy. The more subtle, and introverted comedy approach is a bit of a hard pill to swallow. I must recommend this to @ninjas_with_onions
The underlining defeatism from the ML’s written plot, makes it annoying.
I have to admit, for me, I’m struggling to watch, and I still am contemplating dumping.

Looking for the worst drama suggestion

I was wondering if it was worth the watch, thanks y’all I will add it to my list


Queen Lau tonight at 7:30-ish Mountain time!

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What episode are you guys on? I’d probably watch better in a watch party. A pity it’s during my work hours.


EP 16 is on NOW!


EP 18 tonight! Wed August 31, 2022



I’m still below episode 10, it’s not moving for me :frowning:


That’s fine. It is a silly show. Not for everyone. :grinning:


On now! EP 22/23/24
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