The Lost Tomb Season 2

Does anyone have any news? I can’t find anything online.

It was very entertaining and I’d really like to see the next seasons.


I know right. I mean, it’s already 2018 and there’s still no news about it.


You can go ahead an watch The Mystic Nine Tetralogy, which is a prequel to The Lost Tomb:


It is out. It’s about a weasel god.

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that is not really a Lost Tomb sequel that is about a similar story based on different characters

this is for the second season

lead is Qin Jingjie, he was in Noble Aspirations/ The Legend of Chusen

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Are you referring the 2nd season or the mystic nine?

Hey maria, did they release a time frame for the 2nd season? Thanks for upload by the way. It’s the first news I’ve heard for awhile.

not really, I just know that Tencent announced it was going to produce a web drama sequel to The Lost Tomb and who was going to be the main lead.

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The Lost Tomb Season 2 seems to be a tightly kept secret. LOL. There really is a dearth of news about it. I too have been scouring the web for news about it. What I could gather, according to reports in the C-news arena:

  • Filming really only started in Q4 of 2017. Assuming the filming production is quick, and it will be wrapped up in the middle of 2018, there will be time needed for post-production, and then the dreaded approval by China’s SAPPRFT since the new rules of censorship and quota have been set recently.

  • A tentative schedule for release in 2018 was announced over a year ago, and if we fans are lucky, it would be Q3 or Q4 of 2018. Douban listed the release as scheduled for 2019, and for a total of 24 episodes.

  • Apparently, the main four have been confirmed, and they are also listed on Douban:

Qin Junjie/秦俊杰 as Zhang Qilin. He was the first confirmed cast.
(Past project: Noble Aspirations/Legend of Chusen, Memory Lost, Legend of the Dragon Pearl)

Allen Ren Jialun/任嘉伦 as Wu Xie.
(Past projects: The Glory of Tang Dynasty Season 1&2, The Destiny of White Snake, Jin Yi Zhixia/锦衣之下 lit. Under The Brocade Clothing)

Helen Yao Xingtong/姚星彤 as Ah Ning.
(Past projects: Peace in Palace, Peace in Chang’an, I Want A Family)

Mao Zijun/茅子俊 as ‘role is yet unknown’
(Past projects: The Glory of Tang Dynasty Season 1&2, Legend of the Dragon Pearl)
Edit :slight_smile: (to insert pic)

Jiang Yubing蒋玉冰 is the Producer assigned to handle this important task.
(Past project: Princess:The Secret Service).

  • The Lost Tomb Season 2/盗墓笔记之云顶天宫 is apparently based on book 3 of Nan Pai San Shu’s/南派三叔 series of 8 novels. It also apparently includes Chen Pi Ah Si from The Mystic Nine & The Mystic Nine Tetralogy. I’ve read quite a long time ago that there will be a series of 8 productions. I hope that is still true.

I know. The original cast is gone. We have an entirely new cast for Season 2, and probably so for future seasons. If it’s of any comfort, the same applies for the other drama series, like Ghost Blows Out the Light/Candle in the Tomb.

That’s about all for now. Keep all your fingers crossed for a quick release! For that matter, I’m also anticipating continuing seasons of the other series I could not get enough of, Ghost Blows Out the Light/Candle in the Tomb.

(PS: Do take this info with a grain of salt because anything can be amended at any time. Do await further news that will be issued via the production company or broadcaster. I will update when more is known.)


Oh, thank you for the info! Much appreciated ! :slight_smile:

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Allen Ren was filming another drama until the first week of February. I also don’t think he would play second to Qin Junjie who is less popular than him.

Thanks for the massive update!

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so which one first? I just came across these, and I am intrigued. the lost tomb I have seen an ad but for the life of me I just dont recall at this time. I will look for it today. would it be called candle in the tomb? DF has that one.

anyway I plan to watch them mis matched or what.

The long-awaited sequel is coming!
HELP! Still a Fan Channel pending licensing.

Prequel -> The Mystic Nine (no Viki channel)

Followed by -> The Lost Tomb (Viki channel still active)

Followed by a 4-episode spin-off, each being based on the four main characters from The Mystic Nine -> The Mystic Nine Tetralogy (Viki channel still active)

Followed by sequel (one of several) -> Sea of Sand (Upcoming)

Btw, although they are termed as such, they are all of independent plots, but are however linked in some aspects, such as tomb-raiding adventures, as well as several characters and some parts of the plots.

This series is under the Ghost Blows Out The Light umbrella. It’s also about tomb-raiding adventure and so they seem to be similar, but are actually not linked to The Lost Tomb series.

Ghost Blows Out the Light novel series were written by Zhang Muye under the pen-name of The Ruler Under Heavens, while The Lost Tomb novel series were written by Kennedy Xu Lei under the pen-name of Nan Pai San Shu.

For Ghost blows out the light series, what are the names of the shows “in order” for that series adapted to tv/movies and which are on viki right now.

It seems difficult to figure out to stay on top of it. :pray:

(*I also thought Lost Tomb was part of the series but glad to see theyre noted as two separate ones).

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