The Love by Hypnotic

There is an interesting drama called “The Love by Hypnotic”.
Why doesn’t anyone talk about this drama?
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not heard of it

This drama is very interesting! =D

Isn’t it just romance comedy with slapstick like scenes? I think the trailer looked like that.

Yeah! It seems like that! Some said this drama is similar with Princess Silver.

Love by Hypnotic is one of the best comedic dramas I’ve seen in a long time, and I really wish they made a sequel! It’s really well-written and very funny!

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At times it seemed a bit quirky like slapstick humor, but the show balances it out well with darker dramatic moments. The climax of the show is actually very dark. I totally recommend it to fans of quirky dramas.

I want to watch it! I hope Viki gets it it’s a quality drama.

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