The Marketing/Product Placement in Asian Dramas..does it affect you?

So my phone died a few days ago and I got a new one today. Annnd guess what, I got a Samsung phone lol.
Not any Samsung, but a Samsung Note 3 in Blush Pink, the exact same phone as Chong Song Yi’s the female lead in the drama currently airing My Love From The Star.

Yes I will admit I’ve been a total victim of the marketing tactics used heavily in all thoses dramas I watch.
What about you? Do you search for and occasionally buy product (fashion, technology, gadjets,music) that’s you’ve seen in a drama? To what extend does this affect you?

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I don’t know if I can say that it affects me but I am talking about the products like that huge sandwich from Prime Minister is dating hahah

Or Let’s eat T_T

Oh and Ramen, the most important thing ever in kdramas, that I want to eat so much is kimchi and Ramen.
After Let’s eat it’s much more

I think you don’t talk about food, do you ? hahah if not sorryyy

I know what you mean :smiley:
I had an old mobile phone and my father was going to buy me a new one for my birthday and christmas and even though I didn’t told him that I wanted a Samsung, I secretly hoped that he would chose it. I’m glad he made the right decision. I wanted the same smartphone as the ones in the dramas XD

Hahaha I didn’t mention the food because it’s so OBVIOUS it’s a given! I’m so addicted to ramen lol can you believe it I actually have this little ritual of making some before i watch a new episode of my favorite drama. if it’s too late i’ll even delay the time I eat lol Also don’t even get me started on korean food drool.

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I bought a package of asian noodles on Monday but I didn’t make ramen yet
I think I will tomorrow hahaha
My first time eating Ramen

Woah I am going to watch "Let’s eat " I am hungry

A whole new world will open to you, haha. Happy eating~

Thank you ^^ I will report how it was hahahaha

actually, their nails get to me O.O i see them and all their styles and i try to do the same cuz its that cool. like the young girl in i hear your voice and i miss you’s yoon eun hye’s nails
and her mid rings? that she wore on the show? i got them. i fell in love with her accessories and style she wore and looked for something something similar online and had to have it.

lol not really phones for me i guess, but i do get some of their clothes that they where on their shows and look them up on ebay and stuff, because the clothes is so new and different from where i am at and i love wearing them! but if i could buy a phone right now, i would definitley like one of those, i have though about it ^ ^
and the kpop clothes xD
even tho this might not be a big deal, i LOVED the dressy professional clothes that lee bo young wore on i hear your voice, it was so mature and lady like for work and i decided to get a similar style for myself. i also love the korean’s sweaters in their dramas and trench coats!!!

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I just got a new Samsung Galaxy S4, but I would have gotten a Samsung anyway, since I have have nothing but Samsung phones for the last few years.

At Christmas, I bought my husband the watch from Nine. I liked that it was digital and also had big numbers. Little did I know, it also has an altimeter, which makes even cooler.

I found the Subway near me (20 miles away), but didn’t go buy anything. Don’t really like Subway. But it’s good to know where it is in case I have guest who want it or I have a party and want to have the BIG sandwich.

Oh, and I notice the cars they drive and the clothes and the hairstyles. Since I live in the country, dirty jeans, a western shirt, and a big belt buckle are fashion and mostly I see pick-up trucks, SUVs and RVs. As for hair, well if it’s clean, great. If it isn’t, put on a hat or a bandana. LOL.

There is this blog “Korean Drama Fashion” that reference all the fashion and accessories wore by the main leads in the current or more famous drama! I love it it!! For Heirs and My love from the stars, you can see how much expensive fashion they are wearing it’s crazy lol Like all of Cheong Song Yi pyjamas are in fact designers outfits not intended to sleep in.
I was aslo super fan on Zoe’s fashion in I Miss you, i even did the stilletto nails with the red tip back then

ohh rlly? thats soo cool! wow about the pajamas yea i was looking at them and they were soo cool in the show i was wondering"those look silk-like the MUST be expensive…"
i LOVED those nails she had there!
thanks for telling me about the blog, i def. will keep checking it out more,im so into their fashion xD
yoon eun hye is definitely the best.u have seen my fair lady right? her fashion their was also awesome. they love this girl, they give her the best everything! best drama kisses, best dressed, best hair (except MARRY HIM IF U DARE,but i still love her lol) some of those things i wouldnt wear in real life, like especially that one in the middle (lol) but it looks AMAZING on her, she could pull anything off.

couldnt find the best ones but anyways, her fashion in real life is AWESOME too!!!

Well sometimes the things in Asian drama do inspire to try something new like for food (tried Kimchi, Soju and did a Kimbap workshop last year) but I would never buy a phone or whatever just because they use it in an Asian drama.

What I find more cool is when I spot things in Asian drama which I have too (such as Harry Potter books) or Dutch brands or anything.

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well if you don’t beat me up for that
the first ones are just horrible I mean that dress?? What is she Maya the Bee?
The third one
What the? Don’t tell me these shoes are awesome … Horrible T_T
I like her own style better like the last one

I love her anyway haha

While searching for pics haha

Woah she’s hot

I wanna be pretty … T_T

LOL you are x)
but i know what ur saying about the clothes, but i couldnt find the good ones!!! i searched and couldnt find T.T allot of her outfits were awesome i My fair lady but i couldnt find them on google but i believe that she can still look fashionable and pull it off, cuz i wouldnt wear it
but i LOVE anything she wears modeling i love her model pics

I love her style. I heard she was an ambassador for something fashion related which would make sense considering her fashion is fantastic.

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yes!! oh really? shes fantastic i love her. could TOTALLY see her doing something like that.